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5 Quick Woodworking Tips / Subscriber Tips Episode 12

It's always fun finding new ideas and new ways of doing things to save time and frustration and sometimes even tips and ideas that seem the simplest are in fact the most valuable, so I never underestimate their value ...

 Thanks to everyone who submits these ideas to me. I am surprised how many are new ideas or modifications of ideas that we hadn't thought of and a few are just to complex for me to replicate so those are in a different file and I may be able to get to them someday too ... but they are all enlightening and fun ...

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Bad Ideas in Woodworking Episode 5 / Workshop Fails

Workshops are full of potential accidents, many of them happen because we, as woodworkers may be trying to rush through one particular job or build, but some accidents happen through pure innocence, where the woodworker is doing something but is not aware of the potential problems that could arise. I have had a few of those over the years and it has taught me lessons without the distress of injury.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/cFp9yVBfOhU

Sometimes people come up with ideas and little inventions or even re-inventions, that on the outside look like they are good when in fact they have the potential for accidents and sometimes serious one, that is why when I go through these I like to try and explain what can go wrong because that way it educates for future processes and what to look for ... 

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Wood Router Tips and Tricks

Wood Routers can do many things that no other woodworking tool can do and with the vast array of bit available for them, they can often do the same thing but in different ways which makes them even more versatile, but wood routers are still a mystery to some woodworkers so in this article I will cover some unique tricks you can do with your router both in and out of the router table. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/P1Bt7y_u3rE

First off, let us look at the mysterious "turret" step thing they have ... 

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