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Money Saving Hacks for Woodworking: Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood

We all like to spend our money wisely when purchasing wood, and saving money buying wood means we can end up getting more wood if we spend wisely. 
One of the first kinds of woods that many people think about as being inexpensive, or free in many cases is Pallet Wood. That is wood that you can acquire from picking up free, discarded pallets, which are available pretty well everywhere worldwide.
I have extensive knowledge in acquiring pallets and breaking them down with my involvement in a business plan for commercially making and selling, inexpensive, rustic Pallet Furniture. As part of the business plan, I needed to "prove concept", which involved acquiring the wood and building some sample furniture. What you will read in this article is the information I quickly learned about working with Pallet Wood

Watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/X-OZsgJ4sic

What I discovered in working with pallet wood is that just because something is free, doesn't mean it's not inexpensive to use ...  

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5 Quick Sandpaper Hacks Part 2 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Anything I can do to reduce the amount of sanding I have to do is a good thing for 2 reasons, first of all, sanding is not my favorite chore but also I want to make sure I keep dust to a minimum as much as I can. It also helps if I can reduce my waste, which in this case means better and more use of sandpaper. It may be small, but it all counts. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6R7bZn4d7N8

... and the first topic is about being thrifty and getting the best use from sandpaper, and I use mostly sheet sandpaper, but I also use roll sandpaper from time to time. I like the sheet sandpaper for a final hand sand and I always find that when I am finished with a sheet of sandpaper there is always a bit of good sandpaper left over that can be used ... 

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Drilling Hacks Part 2 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Drilling holes in wood is an important part of woodworking, and I know that I very often just take it for granted ... until I have a failure, like wood cracking on me, or I can't find the bit I need, or I can't find the key to my chuck, I try to hold the wood with my fingers and end up making a bad cut ... and the list goes on ... There are many, many things we can do that will make our hole drilling quicker, easier and almost always give us better results too, and for me, sometimes it's just slowing down a wee bit to take the time to do a better job, and a lot of doing a better job for me means convenience ... that is, having things handy to use and not having to go looking or making things just so I can drill some holes ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/0mhJ8h8506M

Keeping the things I use most frequently close to my drill press has helped me a lot. Not having to waste time looking for things reduces my frustration ... and as I talked about in the past, looking for the key my chuck used to be a big deal ... not anymore ...
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5 Workshop Hacks #2 - Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Saving time in the workshop means being better organized, and for me (who is usually unorganized) it means slowing me down so I can take more time to do a better job. I love woodworking and the pleasure I get from it, so anything that can slow me down so I can enjoy it more is a good thing. I love to think about what things I can do to make it even better ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qRjg6A_3hIk

Lugging sheets of plywood around, especially when they are 3/4 inch thick is not something I look forward to, so this little item is a huge help ...
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