I have come to rely on CA Glue, or Cyanoacrylate glue in my workshop as a big time saver, especially in fixing little problems that arise from working with wood, but many other things in the shop as well and it's no secret I prefer Starbond because the variety of glues and it's freshness, and I enjoy working with businesses that provide quality products.

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There are just so many uses for an instant bonding glue in the workshop, I seem to find some new use for it almost every week ... 
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I like to make sure I get the best value from my glue purchases and first of all, knowing that the glue is fresh is very important to me and I know that Starbond gets fresh batches on a regular basis. To make those bottles of glue last as long as they can, either opened or unopened, it's best to store them in the refrigerator to get up to 16  months out of them. I make sure I date mine so that I know how old the glue is in the bottles. Generally, you can tip the bottle on its side and see the glue flowing in the bottle, when CA glue goes bad it hardens inside the bottle and won't flow, and there is nothing I have found that you can do to dependably rejuvenate it. 

CA Glue Date Tip
One of my new favorites from Starbond is the Brown CA glue, which works perfectly in many cases for stabilizing knots and cracks, it just seems to blend in with so many different woods that I use. If the crack or knot goes through the board, you will want to seal the backside with tape or even just seal it with CA glue and accelerator. That way the glue you are pouring in from the top won't just be running out the bottom. 
You should also know that when you are using a quantity of glue and accelerator, it only freezes the top of the glue, which is still handy, but the glue underneath will take more time to harden and dry. Also, often the glue will tend to "sag" a bit as it dries in these larger areas, so you may need to come back and put subsequent layers of glue to bring it even with the wood if that is what you want.

CA Glue Knot fill

I seem to find a lot of spalted wood in my area and use it quite a bit like a feature wood in different projects. In this case, I am making some spalted wood door pulls out of spalted wood and the wood is quite weak so to help firm it up I am using CA glue to harden the wood and make the pull last much longer and be able to drive screws into it from the back without fear the pull will break apart.

CA Glue  Stabilizing Wood

I had not used CA glue on picture frames and wanted to see how well it worked. I decided to use some old barn wood I purchased a couple of years ago, which happens to be yellow cedar, a fairly porous softwood. I made a couple of test cuts and tried them first of all and was amazed how well the Thick Starbond glue held the end grain to end grain. To be fair, I think I will also add some splines to the corners, but I often do that no matter what glue I use because end grain to end grain gluing is not always the best bond ... regardless of glue. But what I was happy with was the super quick assembly and just how well the corners did stand up.

CA Gluing Frames

If you are changing or repairing doors in your house, CA glue can save you hours of work and expense. Very often older doors have failed because the screws in the hinges came loose, and nobody tried to screw them back in place, or by the time they found out the problem the screw holes were so badly damaged the only fix is a new door. Well, CA glue can fix a lot of these problems. Some screw holes can be fixed by simply pouring a bit of CA glue into the hole, using some accelerator on it, then putting the screws back in place. The better fix is to find a piece of softwood that you can sharpen with a knife, or even sharpen with sandpaper. What this does is make a perfect plug for the damaged screw hole, and affixing it into the hole using CA glue and accelerator on the wood filler makes an outstanding repair.

CA Glue Hinge Hole Repair

You can order your Starbond Glue direct from them here - https://www.starbond.com

Check out the Starbond website to see all the different glues, sizes, and types that are in glues, Thick, Medium, and Thin, the variety of accelerators, the colored CA glues, of Brown and Black and their Tutorials are valuable too ...