I hope I will be able to remember all the cool tips and trick for woodworking that Subscribers have sent me when it comes time to use them ... or, I can just go to this website and type in a single word into the search box, hit the return key and I will have the article, with an answer on the screen within seconds. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/srmOu1E4O9k

Every time people send me in ideas, I can't believe how much there is for me to learn that will make my woodworking more efficient and fun ... 

Mark sent in this tip, and basically, he suggests that re-sharpening a chisel with a slanted edge can be used for cleaning out dado and other hard to get at the area, and Mark is absolutely correct, just as I show in the video, any time you can angle a blade, you get a more efficient and sometimes cleaner cut and it's less work to make the cut, whether it is the woodworker making the cut or a machine, it's still easier and even router bit manufactures like Freud Diablo have figured this out and even make many of their router bits with a slightly angled cutting edge.  

Cleaning out wood dados
Harry sent in the tip about mixing paint or in my case Gel Stain, using a simple hook. I tried it and it works great, at least as good as the propeller version you can sometimes buy, but this is WAY easier to clean and does every bit as good a job. 

Wood stain mixing hook
Mamma "C" sent in this tip on cleaning the inside of your table saw using a new toilet brush that has bristles on all sides and a long handle to get into those tight areas, especially around the trunnions and the worm gears. I wish I had known about this a few months ago when blade positioning in my table saw got jammed. I had a very hard time finding the source and did not want to have to take the time to disassemble my table saw, I use it EVERY DAY. As it turned out it was a hardened grease ball with sawdust that got stuck in a small area. It was a good lesson for me that I need to clean the inside of my table saw more often and this brush will make that much less tedious. 

Table Saw Brush

Here are some tips from Terry from Australia and Susan (not from Australia) who both suggested using plastic wrap from the dollar store as something to wrap up wood pieces, tools, parts, bolts, nails ... you name it, I use it for all sorts of things almost every day. To add to the idea, Susan cuts hers' on her miter saw and I was amazed to see how easy that was ... the only problem I had was that the plastic wrap did not come off the roll as easily but what I found worked well was to take the cut edge and just round it over a bit on the edge of the workbench and presto .. the wrap comes off easy, it's cheap to buy and works great ... thanks both of you. 

Wood Plastic Wrap
Joseph sent in a tip that he uses "tape" on the dowel ends when he is sharpening them, then it made me wonder what he was using for a sharpener because I use an electric sharpener that I have had for 25 years, but I wondered if he was using hand sharpener??? Only one size dowel fits in my electric sharpener and often they are too short so I picked up a smaller one at the dollar store for my 1/4" dowels and I found that from my larger 3/8 dowels the sharpener for my carpenter's pencils works great for that ... and here I have been sharpening my dowels on my oscillating sander, the little pencil sharpener idea works quicker and better ... now I will just have to figure out about the tape, maybe Joseph can enlighten us a bit more on that. 

Carpenters pencil
Robert sent in the tip that Acetone will dissolve 2 part epoxy glue, and since I had some acetone on hand, that I seldom use, it was a good chance to try this out, and of course, it works. It does take a while and you do need to work at it but acetone does eventually soften, and then remove 2 part epoxy glue.  You should also know that acetone can melt or dissolve all sorts of things, so depending on what the epoxy is on, it could also damage that, so just know that ahead of time, you may need to do a bit of testing before jumping in and using it. 

Acetone epoxy glue removal

Thank everyone for your tips and ideas ... I still have many, many more to go through and I keep getting new ones every week so I will try to catch up on them more in the future.

Copyright Colin Knecht


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