Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most asked questions I receive

I am looking for more information on  <something you built>, can you help me?
I have uploaded over 550 videos and published over 6,0000 articles it is hard to remember where every detail is. The quickest source is to use the search box on in the upper left, with ONE key word (2 can work as well) then click GO to get a list of related topics. If that doesn't work try another word.
HINT - if you were looking for Mitre Gauge Blanks ... use the word BLANK it will return fewer choices

What are the dimensions of that <item> you built in that video?
Almost every video I have made has a related Article on this website that includes the details of the build.
The link to that video is the description box of the video or use the Search Box with one or 2 key words

Where can I get more information on the Dowelmax doweling Jig?
Contact them directly at www.dowelmax.com

When can I purchase the plastic Mitre Blank material you show in your videos?
These are available at many woodworking stores or the woodworkweb Amazon Store - HERE

Where are your Free Plans?
Free Plan Links are toward the bottom, under the top menu item "Woodworking Topics" 

Where can I get more information on the Lift Top for Wood Router Table?
Contact them directly at www.dowelmax.com

Our club is looking for a Zoom Meeting Speaker, where can we get more information?
Yes, I am providing this service for FREE to all woodworking clubs, for a list of topics
and to check my availability, contact me HERE

Do you sell Wood?
No, I do not sell wood

Where is your Store Located?
I do not have a store location, only affiliate sales through Amazon and MagSwitch