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5 Wood Cutting Board Tips!

Making cutting boards has got to be one of the most popular woodworking tasks. I can't imagine how many cutting board videos have been uploaded to YouTube and others all of the information that abounds ... 

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This article and video are based on my 20 years of reading articles and publications from researchers who test cutting boards to evaluate their safety and report on their findings. 

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How to Make a Lazy Susan Turning Table - 2 TIERS!

Lazy Susan's have got to be the handiest things for serving devices whether stand-alone or on a dining room table, a picnic table or on a snack table. The only real problem is that some of them can take up so much room ... but there is a way to economize on the size without giving up on the amount of serving space and that is my making another level to them. 

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I wasn't sure what kind of center I wanted for the upper level so decided to make a prototype before making a final version. My first version had a round center column which I did not keep on so wanted to try this style of having simple square wood, but with an arc cut into them to accommodate later bowls and serving dishes ... 

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Make a Matched Wooden Knife and Cake Lifter

My inspiration for this pair of wooden utensils is that for many parts of the world, spring and summer are the time of year that is popular for couples to join together in marriage and similar civil ceremonies. These events are joyful time for families and friends to come together to celebrate the event and share conversations and food. In many cultures the cutting and sharing of a desert, like a wedding cake is the representation of the joining together of family and friends.

I have watched many brides and grooms cutting cakes with family heirloom swords and knives, but not every family have items like this ... so why not make something that could become future family heirloom ... a knive and matching cake lifter. But these are far from limited to weddings, they could be used for birthdays, anniversaries or any special event where family and friends might gather together.

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I have never made these before but looked forward to the experience. I wanted these items be more that just cutting up some nice wood and to make them appear different, I elected to glue together different colored strips to form something of a pattern.

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Make a Wooden Sushi Tray with Sliding Dovetail Legs

sushi trayAnyone who knows their way around a kitchen will tell you that cooking and serving good food has as much to do with the presentation as it does with how good the food tastes. I think I would have to agree with that statement because when ever I find myself at any kind of a fancy eatery for whatever occassion it might be. The food is always served in a manner that makes it look as good as it tastes. Often this has to do with the combinations and colors of foods, but sometimes what it is served on makes a difference too.
And so it was that a recent trip to a favorite Sushi Bar inspired me to try my hand at  making serving tray for sushi, and well ... anything else that you might want to serve on it too, like pastries, vegetables or any combination of assorted foods.

What I wanted was something simple, but it still needed to have enough detail to make it interesting without taking away from the food, after all the tray is to enhance the food not distract from it.

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To start off with I wanted to platten part to be thick as this is part of the detail. A piece of 3/4" board would have worked as well, but something that is one inch thick makes more of a statement. I thought about what kinds of legs or stands I could use for a tray like this ...

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