Advertising & Product Collaborations
You need to know that I continue work very hard build and maintain the Woodworkweb YouTube Channel and this website.
My subscribers and readers are the most valuable asset I have, I continually strive to provide them with interesting and useful information that they will enjoy and can use.

I tell you this because I am VERY selective of the kinds of partners and advertisers I work with, and I do charge accordingly for the service, but only if I can see that your product or service aligns with me and what my valued subscribers and readers would appreciate. 
I'm sorry, but I do not have the time or area to provide "free plugs" for products or services, I do NOT do joint deals or commissions. 

Custom Advertising, YouTube Video and Collaboration Opportunities

I do (rarely) accept dedicated YouTube sponsorships for videos, and video "mentions" (of products or services within a video), best to contact me for info on these.

*** PEASE NOTE: I am NOT entertaing any freelance article submissions at this time.

 And  ... Ted's Plans & the Myriad of Internet Marketing Affiliate Schemes
PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF ... you are wanting to advertise the highly detested "Ted's Plans" or any of the similar Internet Marketing Schemes. I actively campaign against purchasing from anything from these organizations that allow the activity of stealing my content and pirating my videos, and even worse, take money from honest, trusting people and provide nothing in return. I know this because some of these people contact me to try and help them get their money back or get the products or services they purchased and never received, which of course I can do nothing to help them.
I am not interested in your "commissions", "shares" or "dividends" etc.

CONTACT US if you would like to discuss advertising opportunities ... to ensure you have read this information insert "Advertise With Us" in your title  of your email, otherwise it will likely go unread or dumped directly into spam.

Please Note: As you can see, portions of the display advertising on this website are controlled and displayed by Google which I have no control over.