Furniture Making Videos

Easy Dovetail Drawers with a Wood Router Jig

I always found making drawers to be fun, but there is controversy in drawers too. The way I make them is what I was taught was traditional, but sometimes I sway from that based on the size of the drawer and what it's use is.  

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Making drawers is really just making boxes, fancy boxes if you like, but still boxes with square corners and straight edges, now how could there be controversy in that you ask well read on to see how to make drawers and decide for yourself what you would choose ... 

Make Accurate Mortise Joints with a Doweling Jig (Mortise and Tenon Joinery)

Woodworkers who prefer to use "traditional" woodworking techniques and joints will appreciate that accuracy in making these joints is paramount and that way you get to the point of making accurate joints is through practice, practice, practice. For many of us who are part-time or novice woodworkers, getting that practice in is a tedious job, so we look for other means of achieving the same results.

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Cutting mortises by hand, or even with machines, especially for new woodworkers who are trying to follow the traditional techniques can be frustrating and for many, takes the fun out of woodworking ... but there are many ways of making mortises ... 

Colin Knecht's Easy End Table Build / Side Table DIY

The one thing I like most about woodworking is that if you need some sort of a special piece of furniture, with a little bit of wood and a few hours of time you can build something that not only looks and works great but soon becomes a family heirloom ... 

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This little table can easily be built in a day ... but you might need another day or 2 to apply the finish, depending on what you use, and it's sturdy and just the right size for a living room end table. 

Building Furniture With Double Sided Hardwood Plywood - TV Stand

I seem to have been working more with natural wood the past few years but have been thoroughly enjoying getting back to working with plywoods and MDF materials. I love how quickly you can make things from many of these double sided or single side plywoods. You just need to take a few minutes to plan your cuts, but when that is done, you can very quickly make some excellent furniture pieces.

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 In my case, I was in need of an "open concept" TV stand. I need to be open to accommodate a couple of speakers that seem to be well placed under the Television to help conserve floor space. I decided to help match other furniture, a very light colored finish would be best and I found a nice clear top coat, in a very matte finish that I tested and liked ...