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How Handcrafted Pool Cues are Made - Scott Zachow Shop Tour

I met Scott some time back and was overwhelmed by the quality of pool cues he was making, so I asked him if he could do a video tour, and a bit of an overview of his process, to which he agreed. Pool cues are inherently difficult to photograph because they are long narrow pieces, and I can say without a doubt that they are far more impressive in person than what the camera can capture.

Watch it on Youtube:

When I arrived, Scott had already set out some examples of how the process worked and had cleared other work so he could concentrate on showing me how hand made pool cues are constructed.

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2018 SHOP TOUR: Arnim Rodeck Workshop Tour & Wood Art Projects

It's always fun and enlightening for me to take time to visit Arnim in this workshop. He always has some unique build on the go and often a bunch more backed up behind it too. I love the detail and the passion that Arnim put into his work, a true artistic craftsman.

Watch it on Youtube:

This time we started off by looking at the leaves he glued together from cut-offs he salvaged from his shop, then carved them to the shape of autumn leaves ...

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One Tree Woodwork Exhibit

Not everyone has the gift of "vision". It is one of those attributes that comes from true artistry and there have been many in the past who had ideas and visions of what they wanted to accomplish and some have become well know names like Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Henry Greene, Gustav Stickely, Thomas Molesworth, George Nakashima, Harvey Ellis and many many more.

Today, we have even more exceptional woodworkers with a flare for new and innovative ideas and once in a while we get a chance to see some of their creations and modifications all in one place. Such was the that at the recent One Tree Exhibit hosted by the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and in association with Live Edge Design.  Robert Bateman of course is know world wide for is exceptional paintings, so who better to show of the works of fellow artist woodworkers.

The whole concept of the One Tree Exhibit was based on the concept that all the artists would use the one from the same tree. In this case, a big old Broadleaf Maple that had died some time ago which left portions of it spalted, some figured ... 

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Shop Tour of Fast Guitars

Fast GuitarsI have always loved the technology of music. All the different musical instruments. It is so diverse yet always resulting in the same medium ... music, the common thread. I do have some experience in playing an instrument and some experience in making stringed instruments so I do understand what goes into making guitars.
Never having been to a commercial electric guitar factory, I was intrigued to see what technologies they used and how much had work is still done.

Fast Guitars is commercial, electric guitar manufacturer ... BUT they recently began offering an amazing line-up of guitar components to everyone through their website. They do NOT currently have a showroom. If you are interested in putting together your own custom guitar, check out their website to see what they offer.

My goal was to make a video of the end to end process of guitar making for everyone to watch, enjoy and learn from. Kevin, was more than obliging and took me first to where the blanks are stored  and "seasoned". What that means is all the blanks that will become guitar bodies, necks and fingerboards are weighed and labeled and allowed to acclimatize so there will be a little wood movement as possible. Basically a process of stabilizing the wood as much as possible. Even kiln dried wood needs to sit and acclimatize for a time to become stable.

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