I understand why so many people are interested in what's in my drawers because I am often interested in what other woodworkers have in their drawers that are not obvious, like what tools they have and how they arrange their drawers .. or even if they do arrange them. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/3ermPNvgKxU

I have seen them all, drawers that are neat as a pin and organized like fine jewelry and drawers that are helter-skelter with seemingly no rhyme or reason, except in the mind of the woodworker ... and that is really all that counts ... 

Maybe I have a bit of both ... organized for me, but maybe not understandable for everyone. I keep my most used tools, or my most needed tools in the top drawer (with a few exceptions) mostly things like plier-type tools and my batteries.  

Hand Tools for Woodworking

The second drawer is my "Marking and Measuring" drawer with digital and analog measuring tools (again mostly ... not sure why I keep my reciprocating saw blades in that drawer but I can't move them now, I would never find them) 

Woodworking tool chest

The third drawer is mostly grinding, filing, punches, chisels, and hole making ... all somewhat related 

Wood Files

My favorite drawer is my Dowelmax drawer where I keep both my Dowelmax jigs and all the other sized center blocks, the matching drill bits, and a small supply of dowels that I can easily replenish from my "warehouse stock" stored elsewhere.   

Woodworking joinery tools - dowelmax

This is a bit of mixed drawer with but well defined, by the plastic holding boxes scrapers on the right, then some rabbeting planes and spoke-shave planes, my favoring wooden plane and block plane then a sampling of tap and die sets in the popular sizes that I use for threading rods and so on for various jigs I make, and stapler for all sorts of jobs.  

woodworking hand planes

I too can claim to have a messy junk drawer that has a bit of everything from wire brushes to adventure tape, old drill bits, and multi-tool, complete with bits and cutters, and well .. you can see the rest.  

Woodworking Tool Box
Then there are all the cupboards and cabinets I have, also loaded with all sorts of tools and accessories ... maybe one day if enough people are interested I will do a sampling of "Colin's Cupboards" ... 

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