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Unbelievable Woodworking Tricks You Can't Miss - EP 38

I am amazed at how many different woodworking tips, tricks, and ideas can morph themselves into different areas and grow to be used in other uses with other tools and techniques. So many of these ideas are transferrable to different uses.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ystG5sEbjDE

I don't frequent the dollar stores very often but when I do, I always take some time to see what's new or what has changed and there are invariably new things to see and to ponder to see what kinds of uses they could be in the woodwork shop ... 

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Fix Woodworking Mistakes Like a Pro! Episode 4

Wood has many variables that affect the outcomes of using it, like knots, checks, cracks, wood chipping out, wormholes, cross-grain, and more ... then there are the woodworker variables, like things we don't make accurate cuts on, or use the wrong piece and make mistakes with, in my workshop, they are called "a Colin glitch" and I make my fair share of them. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/fvzA5xy4MbI

When I first started woodworking, of course, I made mistakes, but I didn't worry too much about them because I knew I could rely on "wood filler", either shop-made or commercial versions that would bail me out. What I learned over the years, at least for me, all of the wood fillers I have ever used have left me disappointed ... 

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5 Quick Woodworking Tips from Subscribers! #37

I was reminded a few days ago that "not every woodworking tip needs to be earth-shattering", and that was a good reminder because for some people what seems like a simple, almost nothing kind of tip, is in fact a huge element in their workshop they are trying to solve, and someone else's new idea could be a big time saver for them.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/hF2S27OyIQ0

Of course the other value of "tips" is that it very often will trigger new ideas and new upgrades to the existing idea and I hear that all-the-time from my subscribers ... thank you to all of you that contribute and comment.

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