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Colin Knecht's Woodworking Tips and Tricks

I try and remember to add some of my well-used tips and hacks, that I have been using for years, but some of them I have been using so long, I forget that many other people have never seen or heard of them so here today are some old and some new ...

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Mixing Shellac
I love using shellac, it frequently gives and nice tone to the wood without overpowering the color and while still protecting the wood, but the problem with shellac is that it doesn't last very well and needs to be made fresh ...  

Subscriber Submitted Woodworking Tips and Tricks - Episode 6

I love how innovative woodworkers are, just when we think there is nothing left to improve on, there is a whole wave of ideas and techniques that woodworkers willing share with one another ...

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This episode where are starting off with a tip from Johnny, who is gluing a couple of short - angled pieces onto a wooden base. As we all know this is a near impossible to try clamp a couple of pieces of wood like this ... and yes, there are other ways to attach them, but sometimes those other things aren't readily available, so we make do with what we have ... 

How to Make a Laminated Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

Making zero clearance table saw inserts can be quite easy, depending on the model of saw you own. Some of the portable saws and less expensive saws this is not the case, but the techniques used in this methodology can also be applied to other situations so there is value even if at this time, you don't own a table saw that can easily have different inserts made for it.

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The main purpose for having a zero clearance insert is to be able to bring the saw blade close to the sides of the insert and this is done for 2 reasons ... 

Bad Ideas in Woodworking - Episode 4

Some bad ideas are based on good ideas, but they just took a bit of a wrong turn that makes them less useful, and in some cases potentially dangerous ... which are the ones we all want to avoid and that's the whole purpose in doing this series, is to help one another spot potentially harmful scenarios. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/wZTE2FedNMs

We all hate accidents in the workshop, even small ones like cuts and bruises. As much as I work to avoid even these, I still end up with the odd one but my awareness is getting keener to things that can go wrong because it's something I have tried to train myself to look for ... I surely don't get all of them, but I still work at trying to recognize problems before they amount to something.