This episode, along with all the other tips and tricks submitted by Subscribers, I have a TREAT for everyone, a new video from my 89 Year Young woodworking budding at Al's Tinkering, who will show us a detailed and innovative way he makes perfect mortise and Tenon joint ...

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But before we get to Al's Tinkering, here are some great ideas from other Subscribers ...

This tip comes from another long-time woodworking friend of mine, Stephen who works in the business and makes all sorts of different items for sale and many of them are double-sided, so each side needs to be finished. The eternal problem of what to do with one side that is wet while you finish the other side is always a challenge and Stephen often uses "painter's pyramids" little plastic stand-offs that work well, but when you have a large order ... what do you do?? Well, you get creative like Stephen and make them from scrap wood and dowels ...  

DIY Painting Standoff

Here is what Painter's Pyramids look like, You can check them out from the Woodworkweb Amazon Store

This tip comes from Walter ... I love how he thinks! ... he took one of the silicon glue spreading brushes and pulled the bristle part off, which comes off quite easily, drilled a couple of holes in the base and now he can attach it directly to his glue bottle for an instant and perfect dispenser ... what a great idea, thanks, Walter. 

Glue Bottle Brush

If you have not seen the Rockler Glue brush, you can check it out here at the Woodworkweb Amazon Store

glue bruch 

Here's an idea from Praveen who has some wooden jigs he uses and does not want to get glue on them, for obvious reasons, so Praveen's idea is to lay down "Packing Tape" where ever the glue might drip or ooze out, and from there it can be easily wiped off or even left to dry then removed but either way it's not getting on jig .. simple easy solution. 

Packing tape to stop glue dripping.

This tip comes from Josh, and I have to admit, I wasn't exactly sure how it would work until I thought about it because most spline cutting jigs I have made are moveable kinds where you place the box of the picture frame on the jig and push it through the table saw blade, but this one attaches to the fence so it can't do that, but the quick answer is to fasten it in place and wind the saw blade up into the picture frame ... a quick easy jig to make .. thanks, Josh. 

Picture frame spline jig

Table Saw Fence Clamps are available from the Woodworkweb Amazon Store

Here's an idea from Woody in Virginia ... and Woody, I had to use the picture you sent me because it was the best thing I could find to show your tip.
And as you can see from the picture Woody has just made a holder for an ordinary plastic pail so it attaches near the end of his contractor's saw and just under the dust chute port. Some saws where the motor is positioned at the back of the saw, this might not work but in either case, it's a simple effective way of collecting dust and in most cases, the wind created by the spinning table saw blade is enough to push the sawdust out the port ...
Thanks, Woody, great tip! 

And finally ...  here is a video from Al's Tinkering where he shows us his innovative way of making perfect mortise and tenon joints, I think you will be as fascinated as I was and hopefully, a few of you will Subscribe to Al's Channel as well 
ALSO ... you can watch the video on YOUTUBE by clicking the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video ... 

Watch it on Youtube: