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Colin Answers Common Woodworking Questions

I get some questions from subscribers and a regular basis, so for these, I like to answer by video so that everyone can benefit from my answers rather than me having to email or text individuals one at a time ... 

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To start off with, let's have a look at "woodwork sizing" in terms of finishing and other related issues as it pertains to water down PVA glue.

Wood Joint Strength Tests on End Joints.

I guess having lived most of my life as a bit of a skeptic, I frequently find myself questioning whether things I see or hear of and just how accurate they are. I woodworking we have many things that are shared between woodworkers that are not quite as they are portrayed which is why I love to hear or know of the "science" behind different things we do in woodworking.

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I recently decided to look at hydraulic presses so I could do some real testing of my own and found they were surprisingly inexpensive for my small woodworking needs, then to my good luck, I stumbled upon a sale and decided it was something I could make good use of.

Colin's New Workshop Secret - CNC Woodworking

Woodworking on its own can be quite challenging, and if you have been woodworking for many years, even a lifetime, some parts of it can become mundane and repetitive, which is one of the reasons we often pick new projects to make. In my case, I got inspired by Paul to change the way I do some things and learn how to use a small shop CNC machine.

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During that video and article with Paul (click here for article and video), I became enthralled with some of the potential things that I could do with my own CNC machine, things like Jigs, Parts for Jigs like knobs and hold-downs ... 

Wood Carving for Beginners / Basic Wood Carving Tutorial

The global pandemic of Covid-19 virus has affected everyone on the planet, and while we practice isolation and social distancing during this time, we also look for things to help occupy our time and allow us to be productive too. What a great time to think about, and maybe even try wood carving. It's fairly inexpensive to get into, you can purchase much of your tools and wood on-line and there are a variety of internet carving resources to give you ideas and help. 

I would venture a guess that wood carving is probably the earliest form of woodworking, and for you and me, it may have been your earliest form as well. If you are like me, and received your first jackknife as a youngster, and were told: "it's very sharpe, be very careful with it" ... but sure enough, didn't many of us cut ourselves ... I still remember that foray into "whittling" and how my mother came to my rescue with a bandaid ....