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Mobile Clamp Rack for Wood Clamp Storage

Wood clamps are a MUST for every woodworker, in fact, I have heard it said many times "you can never have too many wood clamps" and I know there are many times this is true, and for me, they often seem to be just out of my reach when I need them most.

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I recently decided to upgrade some of my very old and original pipe clamps with some new bar clamps from Bessy ... and try them out. So far I have three different kinds and I do like them, the problem now is that they don't really fit in the rack that I build many, many years ago, so time to re-vamp the workshop one - more - time ... 

Colin Answers Common Woodworking Questions

I get some questions from subscribers and a regular basis, so for these, I like to answer by video so that everyone can benefit from my answers rather than me having to email or text individuals one at a time ... 

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To start off with, let's have a look at "woodwork sizing" in terms of finishing and other related issues as it pertains to water down PVA glue.

Wood Joint Strength Tests on End Joints.

I guess having lived most of my life as a bit of a skeptic, I frequently find myself questioning whether things I see or hear of and just how accurate they are. I woodworking we have many things that are shared between woodworkers that are not quite as they are portrayed which is why I love to hear or know of the "science" behind different things we do in woodworking.

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I recently decided to look at hydraulic presses so I could do some real testing of my own and found they were surprisingly inexpensive for my small woodworking needs, then to my good luck, I stumbled upon a sale and decided it was something I could make good use of.

Colin's New Workshop Secret - CNC Woodworking

Woodworking on its own can be quite challenging, and if you have been woodworking for many years, even a lifetime, some parts of it can become mundane and repetitive, which is one of the reasons we often pick new projects to make. In my case, I got inspired by Paul to change the way I do some things and learn how to use a small shop CNC machine.

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During that video and article with Paul (click here for article and video), I became enthralled with some of the potential things that I could do with my own CNC machine, things like Jigs, Parts for Jigs like knobs and hold-downs ...