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Important News from Colin Knecht about WoodWorkWeb!

Nothing ever stays the same, things constantly change and evolve and so it is with Colin and the woodworkweb website and YouTube Channel. After 15 years of videos and 95 million views, Colin has decided he wants to change some of the woodworking topics he has been making the past few years and catch up on some of the woodworking builds he has been wanting to make for a long time ...

Colin also wants to do more traveling, which means he could easily be in your neighborhood sometime in the future, attending one of your woodworking guild meetings or a local wood show or other events. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep updated on his latest builds and locations. The good news is the channel and website will continue on, just at a bit slower pace than in the past. Colin is deeply grateful for all the support, views and all the comments, and communications from his followers and subscribers who have all come together to help inspire him to be a creative and dedicated woodworker helping to reciprocate his knowledge and ideas to the woodworking community. 
Thanks, everyone for your support !!

Wretched Workbench Wheels Replaced

It's not until I get around to actually fixing a problem that I realize just how long I have been putting up with the issue in the first place. Case in point, replacing the wheels on my workbench !!  But I do have an excuse, I wondered for a long time what would be the best alternative for the replacement.

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As it turns out, pretty much anything would be better than what I was putting up with ...

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Custom 1-2-3 Blocks for Woodwork Measuring

I learned the hard way many, many years ago just how important accurate measurement is, and by that I don't just mean measuring the length of something but also ensuring things are "square" that need to be, and "flat" that need to be. And all this boils down to is a good measurement.

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For years I have resisted the temptation to purchase 1-2-3 blocks, even though I know how accurate and useful they are, but I know by now, in my own woodworking, the only measurement I would be using in one of these blocks would be the 2-inch side, which is why I have shied away from them.

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Best Places to Sell Woodworking Projects

One of the measures of success for some is that time when you have honed your craft well enough that you have the confidence to sell your projects. Often by this time you have a number of projects you have made that could be sitting around gathering dust and maybe you would like to move them along to someone who would like them and perhaps even pay some money for them so you can purchase more wood ... 

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Sounds like a plan? Lots and lots of woodworkers sell their projects in all sorts of areas. Some part-time woodworkers will make things and bring them to their full-time workplace and sell them to co-workers, others will sell them to relatives and close friends while others will strike out into the marketplace and start selling to everyone who is interested in their projects ..

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