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Folding Extension Arms of a Sliding Miter Saw Station

One of the challenges of working in a small workshop is keeping enough room to move and build things without having machinery taking up the bulk of the room. Having machines on wheels is one way of accomplishing this, but there are other ways of economizing on space, which is what I am doing with these collapsible arms on my sliding miter stand. 

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Several months ago when I was looking for locking steel arms that were also collapsible when I was building my outfeed table for the table saw, I found some very strong arms that I liked, that also came in 2 sizes. At the time of buying them, I realized that not only would this design work for my table saw outfeed table, but also for my sliding miter stand.

Woodworking Dollar Store Finds - Accessories for the Workshop

I know I'm not the only one who finds lots of good value in shopping for woodworking accessories at dollar stores, but I don't just purchase items for disposal, as much as I can, things I purchase, even from dollar stores, I try to re-use as much as possible no only because of the value, but also to do my small part in keeping the planet freer from waste.

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I also tend to look more for items that, even if they are a good value, are made of materials that are more readily reusable, like artificial materials like plastics and nylons, or even wooded items that can be recycled back into the environment safely. So here is a short list of some of the items I use ...

Bandsaw Tearout Test - Tape Vs. Zero Clearance Insert

It's funny that I have never really given any thought to tear-out on the bandsaw. In fact, it never really occurred to me until I got an email from Markus some time ago asking me what I do to avoid tear-out on the bandsaw. I told him ... nothing, I don't even try to prevent tear-out on the bandsaw, just something I have never considered.

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Well, that email got me thinking about the topic and wondering if there is something I could do to eliminate tear-out on the bandsaw. It's just not something I have ever worked on before .... so, time for some testing ...