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Pricing Your Woodworking Projects - Make Money Woodworking EP 2!

One of the biggest challenges for woodworkers who would like to sell some of the woodworking projects is trying to decide how much to charge for them. This can be a real conundrum for some, so today I am going to give everyone some tips on the best approach that will work for them ... 

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It's impossible to give actual pricing information, there are just way too many variables, like what kinds of woodworking projects there are, what sizes, types of woods, details, quality .. the list goes on and on, but each woodworker can estimate their own works by following a simple plan .. 

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Woodworking Projects that Sell - Make Money Woodworking!

Many woodworkers would love to sell a few items they make just to pay for the wood, sandpaper, and finish product they use so that they can replenish their stock and in an ideal world maybe even sell a wee bit more to pay for a new tool. Wouldn't that be nice!

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Most woodworkers that I know are not really interested in going "into the business" of woodworking, they just want to be able to sell enough to cover their costs. Not an outlandish request, and the first thing they think about ... is what product can I make that will sell?  But there is MUCH MORE to selling than just picking a product as you will see later on in this article ...

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Funny Day Around the Workshop!

Some days I just love being in the workshop puttering around a doing a variety of things that need to be done, repairs, small builds, and generally making things safer and easier to use ... 

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Today I needed to clean out the insides of my table saw. The blade is getting hard to move up and down and that usually signals me that there is some sawdust build-up that needs to get cleaned out ...

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Perfect Glue-Ups for Woodworking Projects

The one thing that is consistent with almost every woodworker, is gluing boards together. I have known for years that unless you do this very fundamental chore properly, glued boards can cause no end to problems and hard work. It took me years to figure out the perfect system that works for me.

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I have learned that when I take my time and do a good job of gluing boards together, it saves me tons of time, like reducing my sanding down to almost nothing and it also drops my frustration in trying to align boards after they are glued together, which is much harder to do. And despite the fact it takes me longer to make the glue-ups the whole project seems to come together more easily.

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