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Wood Carving for Beginners / Basic Wood Carving Tutorial

The global pandemic of Covid-19 virus has affected everyone on the planet, and while we practice isolation and social distancing during this time, we also look for things to help occupy our time and allow us to be productive too. What a great time to think about, and maybe even try wood carving. It's fairly inexpensive to get into, you can purchase much of your tools and wood on-line and there are a variety of internet carving resources to give you ideas and help. 

I would venture a guess that wood carving is probably the earliest form of woodworking, and for you and me, it may have been your earliest form as well. If you are like me, and received your first jackknife as a youngster, and were told: "it's very sharpe, be very careful with it" ... but sure enough, didn't many of us cut ourselves ... I still remember that foray into "whittling" and how my mother came to my rescue with a bandaid ....

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Workshop Lighting / LED Shop Lights

Workshop lighting is the one thing that affects everything you do in your workshop, including accuracy of your builds, safety and your personal comfort which also contributes to how long you can work without suffering eye strain and reduced effectiveness. 
There are many aspects to lighting and this article is directed at what things to look for in lighting in order to have a more comfortable and productive workshop.

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I am only going to address three things that are important to look at in workshop lighting, but there are also other aspects I will touch upon like the longevity of LED lights and the cost of operating them but because electricity rates vary from region to region I will let individuals figure out their own savings.

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Build a Plywood Workbench with Torsion Box Technology Top

Part 1 - Buildling the Base (the WorkbenchTop is further down this page)
I.m sure there is nothing more personal to a woodworker than their own workbench. I have never seen 2 the same unless they were purchased from a pre-manufactured company, and I have only ever seen a few of those. Everyone has their own special requirements and I am no different. The workbench I have been using was built as a "temporary workbench" over 20 years ago, so it's time to build my dream workbench.

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When I scoured the Internet looking at workbenches, I was trying to find workbenches made from plywood and there are very few of them. I had an idea for using plywood that I could make a workbench that was very strong yet much lighter than usual and still offer all the advantages of much heavier workbenches ... but mine would have wheels and be easy to move around the workshop.

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How to Build a Woodworking Workbench: Scale Model Prototype

It's finally that time for me.  Long, long overdue for me to replace my workbench. It was quickly thrown together as a “temporary” workbench about 23 years ago and has followed me on 3 house moves including 2 complete disassemble and re-assembles and still, I am using it. It has worked well for the most part but it's time to replace it with something more up-to-date and with some accessories I can add on over time.

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I have been researching and putting thoughts together on a new workbench for some time and have come up with a simple design I like. The new design is very similar in looks to what I currently have but with some changes for the better ... 

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