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Bandsaw Tearout Test - Tape Vs. Zero Clearance Insert

It's funny that I have never really given any thought to tear-out on the bandsaw. In fact, it never really occurred to me until I got an email from Markus some time ago asking me what I do to avoid tear-out on the bandsaw. I told him ... nothing, I don't even try to prevent tear-out on the bandsaw, just something I have never considered.

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Well, that email got me thinking about the topic and wondering if there is something I could do to eliminate tear-out on the bandsaw. It's just not something I have ever worked on before .... so, time for some testing ...

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Woodworking Hacks for People with Disabilities like Arthritis

I am surprised how many emails and notes I get from people who have had or arm disabilities, asking me for suggestions on how they can hold their tools easier. The people I hear from have everything possible you can imagine from arthritis and joint pain in hands and arms, others like me have carpal tunnel conditions in their wrist, some have injuries from work or home incidents that may be temporary or permanent, sports injuries ... the list goes on. Some of these I can help, others I cannot, but it always amazes me what innovative ideas others come up with to help them hold their tools more comfortably and safely.

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Of course, there are many, many solutions, often easy ones like raising or lowering work surfaces like work benches, or even having small portable platforms to give yourself some extra height, sometimes something as small as 2 or 3 inches can make a huge difference.

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Combating Rust in the Workshop

One of the challenges for most of us is keeping out tools in nice shape, and among other things, that means rust free. Where I live in the more temperate climates there are seasonal and daily fluctuations in temperature and both of these, combined with the moisture in the air, are big contributors to making our tools rusting.

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Just knowing, and understanding the elements that come together to create rust are a big first step in helping us preventing rust from happening. The cause, of course, is moisture that comes in contact with bare steel and the reaction of the 2 elements is what we call rust, which is basically a corrosion that happens when the 2 come in contact with one another, but what are causes of those contacts?

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