Lumber & Wood Videos

Tree Felling & Milling My Own Lumber with a Portable Sawmill

I watched for 3 years as the Red Alder next to the laneway at the back of my property slowly died. I could see it had been hit my machinery going up and down the lane, and too wide for it and hitting my tree. Now it's time to take the poor tree down because it is now a hazard to all those people who walk up and down the lane as I see dead branches on the ground that have fallen off.

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Anyone who might have got hit by one of these could get seriously injured or worse, so time for the tree to go, but rather than haul it away, I think it will still make some good lumber ... 

Milling Spalted Logs with a Bandsaw Mill Jig

I think it's a good thing I have a few close-by neighbors because that is all that prevents me from making a full-size log milling machine for my back yard. I just love milling wood, and I can see why the people who collect logs and mill them, either full time or even just as a part-time job ... love their work. Every log you open up is a mystery until you see what's in it. I always liken it to opening a present ... you never really know what's inside until you open it and everyone is different.

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It's even more fun when you can find special logs that "might" contain special features like figure or spalting, and even if the longs are short, I still get that same thrill ... and the wood is every bit as useful, you just use it for smaller projects, or for feature wood on larger projects ....

Finding Spalted Wood for Woodworking / Free Lumber

One of the nice things about wood is that it comes in so many different varieties and because it's organic, all of those varieties can be further modified in structure by heat, fungi, and various other elements. In this video, I took my electric bike into the forest to harvest, what I hoped would be some spalted wood.

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The one thing I was counting on was that even if the wood was not fully spalted, it would still be modified in its coloration and therefore would be another interesting wood to work with ...