Another episode with cool ideas and neat tricks from Woodworkweb Subscribers who continue to amaze me with even more great ideas and time-saving woodworking ideas.

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I'm going to start off by thanking the organizers of the Men's Shed Convention who invited me to speak at their event recently. I had a great time, met some wonderful people, and was completely in awe of what they are accomplishing by setting up these groups worldwide... you can check out some links below.

These are just a few links, look up "men's shed" on Google for many more fascinating woodworking links

The first tip comes to us from Mike, who came up with a neat idea to use some often unused space under cabinets and shelving by attaching a full extension drawer slide, fitting it with magnets.  There are a number of ways of doing this, with strips of magnetized material, or even with just individual round magnets with tape over top to allow the tools to come off and not the magnets. Thanks, Mike .. a great idea.

Magnet Tool Storage

Here's a tip from Joe, who, like me, finds himself grinding screw heads to a narrower width, I often get lazy and use a pair of pliers to hold the screw in place, and invariably it takes me LONGER to do the grinding than if I just did it correctly in the first place and use Joe's Tip of using a scrap of wood as the holder and that way I can grind all 4 sides equally, and I don't even damage the screw threads in the meantime ... thanks Joe ... great tip 

Grinding Screw Heads

Here's a tip I have not seen before and Laura is bringing it forward for us, instead of marking point with her pencil when she is measuring something, she makes a small indentation. Then, she places her pencil into that indentation and slides the square up to the pencil and that way she can make accurate lines every time. Very good Laura, an easy-to-use tip I will start using myself. 

Easy Wood Marking

Another PSA for everyone ... here's a product I discovered online that I thought would be perfect for woodworkers who want to mark their projects with their name and or logo and who don't have a "branding iron" or a "laser etcher", this product uses a small silk-screened overlay which is attached to the wood with tape (so it won't move during the application of the paste) then you apply an orange paste to the silkscreen overlay, allow it to dry for a couple of minutes or so, remove the overlay and use a heat gun to activate the paste, which burns itself into the wood. You need to use a heat gun, hairdryers are not hot enough. In a couple of minutes you have an etched image, on wood that is etched right into the wood, to remove it you need to sand it off, that's how well it works. You can find out more at      You can also click the image to go to their website

Torch Paste Wood Burning Sticker

Here's an idea from Ted, who has figured out a way of turning his pocket hole jig into a makeshift doweling jig for special projects where he might need a bit more holding power than what pocket hole screws might offer. For this he pre-drills the outside board with his standard pocket hole drill bit, then uses a 3/8" drill bit to drill out the bottom of the hole and on into the lower board, thus making a 3/8" dowel hole. All that is needed now is a bit of glue and to drive the dowel into the wood pieces and it's done. Good idea Ted, this would be especially useful for working with softwood where pocket screws don't hold higher loads as well as we would like sometimes.  

pocket hole Dowels

Colin Knecht