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Subscriber Tips and Tricks Episode 5 - More Woodworking Hacks

I love it when people tell me improvements they have made on my various tips and jigs, some of them are brilliant and often even more simple, which makes them even more valuable. In this episode, I have a mix of new and some previous ideas, but with subscriber updates that I thought were certainly worth sharing ... 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/DSX9FkhZZhs

I have had many, many people sending me ideas and updates, and some of you have and are very prolific in your ideas ... you have many of them to share, so I will start off with Michael from near Vancouver Canda who has many ideas he has shared .. this is one of them ... 

Workshop Hacks Episode 12 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

This episode is themed around woodworking drilling, whether you use a drill press or corded or cordless drills, there are a variety of tips and techniques, some of which I have used for so many years I have forgotten that they are even tips any more because I just use them so often ... 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/96EVoEWmR-M

... and one of the most important items for me in the workshop is drill bit storage because I use my drill press and cordless drills so often, I want to make sure the bits are easy to identify and easy to access ... 

Subscriber Submitted Woodworking Tips and Tricks - Episode 4

In this episode I have 4 main sections, but within each section there are some mini hints and tips that some will find useful as well, but before I get into the details and the links, I want to thank all those who have submitted their ideas and encourage others, if you have an idea, email it to me, with pictures if possible, because that helps me a lot, and if I haven't already covered the topic, and it's feasible for me to do, I will put it on a future video.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/E4Ygcs6SfrI

For some of you who have submitted ideas and I have not done a video on them .. they are likely still in the queue ... but for a few, that are still good ideas, they are just not something I can feasibly do, so what I hope to do with those is create an article, with your pictures and your great ideas so we can still share them with others who may be able to use them in their shops. 

Pocket Hole Tips / Pocket Hole Jig Tricks

Pocket-hole Technology has been around for many, many years and provides a good, quick form of joinery that doesn't require the user to be an experienced woodworker or carpenter, and still be able to make some good quality projects and repairs.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/uy5UhJpKDKE

Like many things in woodworking, there are a few things that we can do that will make using pocket-hole technology even more convenient and things to help improve the quality of our joints in certain circumstances ...