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Working with CA Glue Adhesives in Woodworking (Super Glue, Krazy Glue)

CA glues or Cyanoacrylate glues have so many different applications and things they can do, and the way to get the best use from them is to use a CA glue with the correct consistency for the job you are doing. CA glues come in 3 basic consistencies or thicknesses, Thin - which is very similar to water, Medium which is similar to a syrup, and Thick which is like a syrup that just came from the refrigerator. All of these glues will perform well but knowing where to use them makes a big difference.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/LaCTp1pzfac

The other thing that matters is how fast they dry, and Thin CA glues dries almost instantly, Medium takes a few minutes to dry and Thick can take several minutes to dry and a depending on where you are using these glues, they may require several hours or even overnight to harden to their strongest holding power ... 

Workshop Hacks Episode 11 / Woodworking Tips and Tricks

I remember a woodworking mentor once told me that "woodworking is all about the details" and the longer I spend in woodworking the more and more I understand what he was saying. Like something as simple as sharpening a plane blade, if it's not done correctly, the plane will work poorly at best so know the small techniques become important ...

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And in the larger picture, keeping our tools in good working order, keeping them sharp are all tiny aspects of keeping looking after the details ... 

Clamping Hacks Episode 5 / Woodworking Clamps Tips and Tricks

Gluing and clamping are mainstays of woodworking and because there are so many different kinds of woodworking projects, woodworkers have come up with a plethora of ideas and workarounds to get jobs done, are a few that I use from time to time for specific clamping jobs ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/31nrAycKCGY

Of course like every modification, we all need to figure out things that work best and taking other peoples ideas and even changing them up a bit can make a huge difference in accomplishing something that may have seemed daunting.

Woodworking Hacks Episode 10 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

My workshop is not very big and that means that some of my woodworking machinery needs to be moved around from time to time in order to operate it, like my router table, planer, bandsaw and sometimes my drill press and table saw. All of these tools have wheels to make them easier to move around, and they all have "locking" wheels, which means that when you move a lever on the wheel, it locks the wheel from rolling. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/YvwxVmCTBgI

One of the problems with most locking wheels is that they sit under a support on the machine. This becomes a problem of locking and unlocking the wheels when that locking lever is hidden under the machine. This often means getting down on your hands and knees to lock or unlock a wheel ...