So many great ideas from so many woodworkers willing to share their ideas and some of the things they do to organize their workshops, tools, nuts and bolts, screws, and other items to help save time.

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This issue seems to concentrate on the smaller things around the workshop ... 

 I always seem to need some "redi-rod" for some sort of jig or project and I normally keep in a vertical box with my wooden dowels and every time I need something I have to dig around to find the right stuff, but Bryan came up with a neat idea, to use some scrap wood and a variety of T-nuts, you can make your own holder for redi-rod, and you could even mark the sizes so you know what you have ... I am going to use this one, I just don't know where it's going to live yet ... 

Treaded Rod Holder

When I first saw this from Gary, I wondered how well it would work putting nuts and bolts, screws and nails, etc. into plastic drink bottles. It looks like Gary was using plastic pop bottles like Coke or Pepsi and it seems to me they might have a slightly larger top on them, but I only had water bottles to try this out with and even the water bottles work remarkably well. What I really like is that you can see through the clear plastic exactly what is in the bottles ... great idea Gary, Thanks.

Water Bottle Screw Holder

This tip is another that came from Terry in Australia, .... and that is just how much use you can get out of a multi or oscillating tool, something simple like cutting square holes, but with the correct tip, you can cut nails, screws, dig out pitch pockets and all sorts of things that other tools are just not capable of. This is probably not the first tool I would select as a woodworker, but it does come in handy when other tools are just not up for the job ... thanks, Terry. 

oscillating tool

Here's a tip for Rocco ... attach some wooden extensions to the bottom of your square and now you have a much more versatile tool and you still have a square to use as well. It's great for aligning items like boxes, picture frames and other items that you want to ensure are square ... I love this idea, thanks, Rocco.

Wood Square Mount

This tip is from Larry ... he suggests using a bolt for the bottom of legs, and that way you can adjust them so you can make the workbench, assembly table, etc. level and/or from wobbling (like mine does with an uneven floor)  I have these very large carriage bolts with nice rounded heads which would work perfectly for this ... thanks Larry,  this is a great idea for so many of us who work on uneven floors. 

carriage bolts for legs

Tom is suggesting using one of the "quick clamp" or "trigger clamp" for fastening down lids on paint and stain cans, and I tried it, it works just fine. I particularly like some of the European finishes that many of us are using, as you can see from the pictures the tops from some of these cans are not quite a robust as North American cans and when you hammer the European ones they can get bent which makes them hard to get on and off and often damages them, so this is definitely something I am going to try out ... thanks, Tom. 

Clamps for paint lids
Thanks to everyone for your tips ... some great ideas here and we all appreciate you sharing them with us

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