I'm not sure how I got mixed up in my numbering sequence for the Subscriber Tips and Tricks, but I think I have it sorted out now ... but at least the content is the same ... and this episode doesn't have a theme because I just picked a few that really stood out for me as some of the ideas that I know I could use in my shop ...

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What I liked about all of these submissions, they were simple, to the point, and easy for most of us to be able to use in our shops.

The first tip today comes from Zyler who suggests attaching some sandpaper to the bottom of your speed square for those quick sanding jobs that you might need to do ... such as when you are using your circular saw and the speed square is your saw-guide, you can use the sandpaper to ease up your fresh cuts so that you can measure more accurately on your next cut you might be making ... good job, thank Zyler. 

Woodworking Square
Arthur sent in these handy little "sharpened" doorknob and door hand studs for people who are installing doorknobs and handles. Just take a couple of spare doon knob or handle bolts, twist and nut on to the bolt to get started, then sharpen the end of the bolt ... next twist the nut so that it just above your sharpened area, then cut the bottom 3/4" to 1" of the bolt off. Now use that nut to clean up those cut-off threads but the twisting the nut of the now cut off end of the stud ... with that, the threaded stud should now easily thread on a door knob with the pointed side out.
Using it is easy, mark out where you want the handle or knob to be, push the sharpened ends into the wood to mark and indent the wood and now you have a starting point to where the holes need to be drilled for your door handles.

Wood handle attachment
2 People had the same general idea here ... Harry and Mamma C, both had the idea of using other tools to convert to hand sanding blocks, Harry suggested any of the variety to sheetrock sanding tools, or even some of the auto body sanders might work too, while Mamma C suggested using some of the concrete trowels that could be used and in her case, she attached a nickel flat wooden base to the tool to give it a wider area for sanding with. Both are great ideas of using other things that can be converted into hand sanders ... Thanks Harry and Mamma C. 

Sandpaper Handles

Michael gave is the idea that using steel wool is an inexpensive way to clear clogged sanding pads and belts. He tells us the steel wool works well and lasts a long time and that it cleans the sandpaper very well ... I tried it and yup, it works well. Thanks, Michael.

Cleaning Sandpaper

This is Graham's idea for getting every inch out of your belt or disc sanding cleaner by attaching the stubby end to another anchor, like a piece of wood or even a special handle. Either way, it's a safe way to clean your sanding belts, oscillating sanders.  

Sandpaper cleaner
Loren suggested using Hot Melt glue to attach a washer to the side of your tape measure that can then be used to attach the tape to a magnet that you are using somewhere. Loren went on to say that you cannot attach a magnet to the side of a tape measure because the magnet prevents the tape from retracting. I must confess, I and never heard of this.  A year or two ago, I suggested slipping a couple of thin magnets under the belt clip on the tape measure to attach it to any steel base. This has worked exceedingly well for me and many, many others ... BUT, I am using a small 10 tape as I don't need one of the larger 25-foot tapes ... the bigger tapes do not hold well with the smaller magnets, but a big large washer solves that.

For fun, I wanted to see if a magnet did prevent the tape from retracting, and YUP  ! ... it does. I had never heard of this before, but when the magnet(s) are moved to the center of the tape, it works fine. 
What we all learned here is that you can use a magnet to hold the tape from retracting and still have some control of the tape without "locking" firmly in the tape measure case. This is a bonus finding because there are many, many times I would like to have some control of using the tape and this solves that problem at the same time ... thanks Loren 

Magnet Tape Measuring Tapes
This was a very interesting and valuable Subscriber Tips session, we got some great ideas and learned a new thing ... well I did anyway :)

Copyright Colin Knecht


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