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Making a Mitre Sled Jig for the Table Saw

Cutting Mitres on the table saw is not trick ... getting them accurate is a bit more challenging, especially if you are doing things like picture frames. I seem to make most of my angle cuts on the table saw at 45 degrees, which by chance is the same angle as picture frame sides, so this jig will do double duty for me.
The one thing I should add here in terms of making picture frames, getting the 45-degree angle is only half the battle, the other thing that is crucial in making picture frames is that each opposing side of the fame needs to be EXACTLY the same length or the corners will never line up. 

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/3czW9oJS1Kc

This jig will make accurate 45-degree angles, and if you want to make picture frames you can use the stoppers to make sure the horizontal pieces and the vertical pieces, however long they are, can be cut at exactly the same length.

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Jigsaw Template Jig: Make Duplicate & Repeatable Cuts with a Jigsaw.

Jigsaws have been around for a long time and most workshops have one but most don't get a lot of use, except those times when you really need something that only a jigsaw can do. I always try to get the most from my tools and when Mark sent me a not about making a patterning jig for a jigsaw, I thought it would be a good idea to see if this would be one way of getting more use from a jigsaw.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ZBVm3zzoIE0

Like many jigs, I started off at the table saw after I selected my wood, which in this case was high quality 1/4" plywood that I could use as the base plate and the first thing I needed to cut was some strips that I could use to capture the jigsaw base plate to the 1/4" plywood material ...

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Make a Edge Jointing Sled Jig / Edge Jointer Safety Push Block

One of the frustrating things when working with wood that is warped is trying to get at least one edge flat and straight without taking off too much wood, and of course, doing it all safely. Many years ago I made a kind of long push block for the jointer, but it never really worked as I had hoped so I abandoned it ... now years later I am remaking a newer version with some upgraded features.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/meRubSx9mvo<

The purpose of the block is to be able to safely handle smaller pieces of wood that are warped, and run them through the jointer until I can get an edge to them that is stable enough to use my hand paddles to continue to work the wood as needed. 

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Table Saw Bowl Jig

The half round dish is one of those projects that can stymie some woodworkers. Most think it is made on a lathe ... and it could be, but for those who don't have lathes, this handy little dish can actually be made on the table saw with a jig designed to create it, and it's not complicated and once you have made one, you will want to make more because these little items are quite popular because they look great, sit flat on most surfaces and perfect little serving dishes, or they can be used as a catch-all on your entryway table ...

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/sZKSvD4v514

The jig won't take you that long to make, so if you want a decorative wood to use, even for your first attempt, now would be a great time to cut and glue something up because by time the glue is dry and hard enough to use, you will likely have your jig made and be anxious to use it .

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