Woodworking Tools Videos

The Joint Genie

Here’s a great tool that all woodworkers can use. It simplifies joint making, while letting you still create a strong joint.

This lets the average DIY person build projects like cabinets, without have to learn complex dovetail joint.

The Scales of Proportions

The Fibonacci Gauge is used to scale proportions. It’s great if your drawing woodworking plans by hand.

Builders have been using the “Golden Mean” to make designs and projects look right for thousands of years.

Watch the video and learn how to proportion your next woodworking project so it’s appealing to the eye.

The Basics of Cordless Drills

Here’s a great video that reviews what cordless drills are all about. It’s meant for beginner woodworkers, so all you pro may want to skip viewing this one.

Tim Carter reviews the differences between corded and cordless drills, the options and accessories you can get for them. He also shows the how to use them.
Bosch 18V Cordless Drills are used in the demo.

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