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5 Basic Wood Router Table Accessories & Router Jigs

There are many accessories for the wood router table, but of those who are new to wood routing, there are a few basic accessories that may be a bit more useful at first and many of them will be used over and over again because they are basic tools used in conjunction with router bits and router table usage.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/okPHVG3Aov8

Someone told me many years ago that "probably 80% of the things you can do with a wood router, will be done on a router table" and I think after all these years I have to agree with him. My first router, was, like so many others and handheld device that did a few things, but many of the more advanced things I wanted to do require a router table ...

How to Use the Wood Router Inlay Set - Freud Tools Inlay Set

Inlaying wood is a great way of adding a special detail to a wood project. In the past, and to a certain extent even today, inlay work is done by hand by cutting shapes and strips of wood along with the pockets they will be fit into and eventually glued into, but there are are other ways of allowing machinery to help us with some of these tasks.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/1a9nx1YzaSw

Of course, one way of making inlays is through CNC cutters or even through laser etching, but for this episode, we are using the good old wood router that has been around for decades and never seems to run out of things it can do ... 

Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit - Coarse Tooth Finger Joints

A short time ago set up a finger joint bit on my wood router table to see how it worked, having never used it before. A number of people asked how it compared to other, less expensive finger joint bits, to which I had no experience, so I ordered one from Gearbest.com  and here are the results of that setup and testing.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/IIdhe5PLjF0

This bit is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the last bit I tested and has much coarser teeth. In the world of finger joint bits, there are a variety of sizes and one size is not better than another, but different sizes would be selected for different kinds of work that need to be done. This coarser tooth would obliviously be used for larger pieces of wood in joint them together.

Wood Router Bushings and Router Bit Speed Settings

There are many things that wood routers can do and even more when you start adding the many accessories to them and one of these is something called router "bushing". In quick simple terms, what these bushings do is attach to the base of the router and allow the router bit to protrude through them which in turn makes them useful as a templating tool.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ce4oqPSlHC8

The templates are the real secret to using router bushings ...