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5 Quick Workshop Hacks / Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Woodworking often require many steps and a good deal of patience in order to turn out usable and attractive projects. Woodworkers are always doing things to their workshops to make the process of building more organized which in turn helps us enjoy the woodworking process more. All woodworking shops are different and so modifications in one shop do not always transfer to another, but what does transfer is the idea .. the idea that things can be made more efficient, which in turn helps the woodworker.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Mrp75vxVXQ4

I am always making small modifications to my workshop, many of them I don't even think about until a visitor comments tha they like what I have done with some mod ... I always seem to be working at making things easier ... like electricity ... 

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5 Workbench Hacks

The workbench is not really considered at woodworking tool, but it is probably the most used article in the workshop. Imagine trying to do woodworking without a workbench or table or other similar assembly station. It's no wonder that workbenches have so many designs and so many accessories. I'm sure there must be thousands of different workbenches out there and every woodworker does some modifications to their own workbench to make it work better for them.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/McO3AdPilTE

Right Angle Frame
This workbench accessory was born from the need to assemble picture frames. I needed something that would ensure the picture frames corners were square so that the frames would come together with nice tight corners ...

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5 Quick Table Saw Hacks / Woodworking Tips and Tricks

For most woodworkers, the table saw is easily the workhorse of the wood shop. It is such a versatile and powerful machine, we ask it do do many thing and with a few more accessores and a tiny bit of innovation we can make the table saw do even more, and make it quicker and more accurate in the mean time.

The first hack is a simple one but it really helps make a good job when you are cutting thinner plywoods that tend to want to droop under the table saw fence. A simple matter of clamping short borad under the fence so part of it sticks out the inboard side, and now you have a quick, easyily made holder for those extra wide boards that won't hold them selves up against the fence when you want to cut them

Table Saw Fence Extension

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Colin's 2016 Year End BLOG & Wood Screw Tip

countersink bitNot one of my dedicated articles ... more like a BLOG on a few topics, starting off with this website's Woodworking FORUMS. There are thousands of visitors who read the Forums and are entertained and informed by them, but only a couple of dozen who actually participate in them ... and that's sad, because we could all learn from you, just as you learn from us.
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Moving along now to the wood screw and pre-drilling topic that a few of you have asked about and a perfect topic for a short video clip. The video is self-explanitory how pre-drilling and countersinking can make a huge difference in helping to prevent wood from cracking when using screws. Unfortunately, because we are working with wood even pre-drilling and countersinking do not always work and usually the reason is because the wood structure failed, or that the screw was driven in beyond it's stop which then forced the wood to crack.
One of the best and often quickest solutions for helping to prevent cracking is using a clamp to compress the wood, then driving the screw into the wood, then releasing the clamp. Again this method does not always work but based on the alternative, which is driving a screw into the wood without any cracking prevention, it really does work well.
Well folks, that's it for now ... Thanks EVERYONE, for watching my videos, commenting and Liking, I am very appreciative and to everyone out there, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays all the best in New Year ... lots of cool stuff  coming for next year.  
Thanks again everyone  .... Colin