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5 Measuring Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

One thing that is constant in woodworking - there is LOTS of measuring and working with numbers and woodworkers have devised many different ways to quickly do things that doesn't involve sitting down with a calculator or trying to work out some complicated math. And first up are tape measures, probably one of the tools we use the most in the workshop, or at least I do. I am always measuring ...

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For years I always heard the refrain ... measure twice, cut once and for some reason that always bothered me and there are many time I measured twice and still cut the wood too short. I hate that!!  Then one day I stumbled upon a tape measure that when I hold it in my left hand (because I always hold the pencil in my right hand) and low and behold, all the numbers were right way up. I didn't have to try and work the numbers from upside down. That was one of the turning points in my woodworking ... 

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5 Quick Wood Finishing Hacks

There are many, many different options when it comes to putting a final finish on your woodworking project and to make sure that finish goes on the way you want, there are often some tips and tricks that we can learn along the way to help us do a quicker and better job, and when it comes to the topic of "finishing" many woodworkers (myself included) find the finishing process long and tedious, so anything we can do to help it along is a bonus ...

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Finishing Story or Sample Boards

A fancy name for noting more that selection of finishes on some boards that are all the same species so you can see what they look like and make your determinations from there in terms of color, type of finish and type of surface .. glossy, semi-gloss or matte.

Wood fishing sample boards

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5 Quick Drill Press Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

The poor Drill Press ... often the last tool to get picked, and the first one you go to when you want a precision job done. Drill presses are not necessarily the handiest tools in the shop, but after you have had one, try and live with out it. You will soon find just how valuable it is, and how much it get used for all those quick litte holes you some to need on so many things. For many years my drill press accessories seemed to get spread around the shop and to find something for it was always a kind of "find-me-if-you-can" hunt, so some time ago I decided to put everything that attaches and/or goes with the drill press either in the small roll-around cabinet it sits on, or in the small cupboard right beside it. It was almost like a miracle, all of a sudden the drill press began to get more and more use ...

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The one thing that confunded me for years was were to put the chuck key. For a time the chuck key lived at the end of a string attached to the drill press, but the cord always seemed to be getting in the way of tangling up as I twisted it around and around to tighten and loosen drill bits ...

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5 Quick Workshop Hacks / Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Woodworking often require many steps and a good deal of patience in order to turn out usable and attractive projects. Woodworkers are always doing things to their workshops to make the process of building more organized which in turn helps us enjoy the woodworking process more. All woodworking shops are different and so modifications in one shop do not always transfer to another, but what does transfer is the idea .. the idea that things can be made more efficient, which in turn helps the woodworker.

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I am always making small modifications to my workshop, many of them I don't even think about until a visitor comments tha they like what I have done with some mod ... I always seem to be working at making things easier ... like electricity ... 

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