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Magnetic Switches for Jigs


Innovation and woodworking go hand in hand. Despite the fact that woodworking is the second oldest profession, it has always been a place where new tools and ideas meet. Such is the case with the "Magswitch". If you aren't familiar with the Magswitch, it is simply a magnet that can be switched off and on. So if you place a magswitch on a steel table, like a table saw, and turn the switch, the magnets are energized, adhering the unit to the table.  When the switch is turned off, the switch can be lifted off the table with same effort it takes to lift  a screw driver off the table.


Having a tool that is quick and easy for making and adapting to jigs is a HUGE benefit in the workshop for saving time and for making more accurate cuttings, and that's just where the magswith is perfect ....

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