Pocket Hole Machines are new, but as time goes on, they become smaller, more versatile, and more affordable, especially for anyone who would like to get into the woodworking industry and actually make a living at it. Of course, one way is to build cabinets, which are always in demand and there is no letup in sight. The cabinet market is strong and will be for a long time.

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In almost every market, anyone who can turn out good quality cabinets at a fair market price will have as much work as they can handle for the foreseeable future and of course, on way to accomplish this is to use pocket hole machinery to help make strong, attractive cabinets in a timely fashion.

The new Maksiwa, Pocket-Hole Machine (PHM 3.0) is a perfect fit for smaller cabinet making shops or even lager shops who need the ability to quickly create some specific cabinetry without interrupting the assembly-line flow. In either case, the Maksiwa PHM 3.0 is the perfect fit. 
Maksiwa PHM 3.0

The machine features both an anti-slip or a smooth top, simply by flipping the to over and re-fastening it. The fence is fully adjustable and easy to re-set accurately. The control box features a speed control knob that allows the user to set how fast the pocket holes are cut and the pilot holes drilled, according to the hardness of the wood they are using from Hickory down to Pine. The unit also has a laser alignment light that you can turn on or off, and the green, main power switch activates the entire machine and turns on both routers inside the unit.

Pocket Hole Joinery
The mechanism that cuts the pocket holes and drills the pilot holes consists of 2 - Bosch Routers. The lower one, slightly larger in horsepower, cut the pocket holes, while the smaller horizontal router cuts the pilot holes for the screws. The process is activated by a footswitch, where one "tap" activates the machine which automatically cuts the pocket hole first, then the pilot hole, and then re-sets it's self for the next activation.

As mentioned earlier, the fence is fully adjustable so that the operator has a moderate choice of wood thicknesses and depth of pocket holes. The sample below was created to illustrate how easy it is to make these and use them for quick reference for those special jobs that crop up from time to time.

Another feature of the PHM 3.0 is the angle of cut of the pilot holes at 4 degrees, providing a near-vertical insertion of pocket hole screws. This angle assures that no matter how long the screws are, they will not protrude out the side of the material, and further, will have to provide a good grip into the wood.

Below are some samples of clean, crisp pocket holes you can expect and pilot holes that an accurately placed in the wood.

Pocket Hole Machine

If you have made the decision to move into commercial cabinet making, or are already there and looking for optimizing equipment in order to serve your market more efficiently, the PHM 3.0 may be the tool for you, contact Maksiwa USA here .... maksiwa.com/usa/ 

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