Many more cool tips today and the one I especially liked was Eric's idea of extending the cross-cut capacity of my table saw cross-cut sled, but you will see that further on down the article ...

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Today I am going to start off with Brian's idea of using a sheetrock or gypsum sheet sander as a bush block ...

.. and as luck would have it, I happened to be in a thrift store a few days ago and didn't I spot a whole box of these sheetrock sanders ... my choice of the sander and only $3.00 each. Brian's idea is to use a hand sander and attach some anti-skid material to the base and presto, you have your own, easy to make, push block where you can easily change the material ... or, you can even use a sanding block for large areas like tabletops, bookshelf units, and other larger similar items.

Woodworking sander for push blocks

Here's a tip from Dominik, who found these rubber mats in his local hardware store. They often come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and are perfect for a base for sanding on because they help protect the wood from damage during the sanding, plus they help to hold the dust on the rubber mat surface where it can later be swept or vacuumed off, helping to keep our workshops more dust-free.

Woodworking Sanding Mat

Here are a couple of tips from both Chris and Doug in Alabama ... Chris wanted to set the blade in his table saw at 45 degrees but didn't have any kind of a measuring triangle for this, so he simply took a piece of ordinary computer paper and folded it so as to get a 45-degree angle ... quick, easy and accurate.

Doug on the other hand was at a woodworking course where he was making a 3-legged stool. He wanted to evenly position the legs so he used ... again, computer paper to fold into a triangle. In the video, I show how to make an equilateral triangle, which means all sides are equal and perfect for measuring out the 3 legs for a chair, table, or any other 3 legged items.

Woodworking Angles

Jim from Columbia suggests using a wire wheel on your grinder to help clean out the gluck that can collect on your paintbrushes when they are not cleaned properly. This is a tip I have used for years and it works well for keeping older paintbrushes working for many years ... 

Cleaning Paint Brushes with a Wire Wheel

Eris tip is actually more of a jig to help you extend the reach on your cross-cut sled for your table saw. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to cut multiple pieces of wood at exactly the same length. Great idea Eric, thanks ...

Teablesaw Sled Jig
Lots of cool ideas from some of my subscribers ... thanks to all of you.

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