Even more cool ideas from all sorts of sources, some tips from Subscribers, some of my own that I use ... when I remember to tell everyone about them. Don't forget, if you have some tips, tricks or ideas that you use and you would like to share them with the rest of us, send me an email and if I haven't used the tip, I will try to use it in a future episode and give you a shout out.

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This time, starting off with one of my own... frequently used tips ... 

I love that anti-skid material, seems I find a new use for it every day. It saves me so much time when I need to get a grip on something with or without pliers and as a bonus, it helps to stop any marring on the surface ... as long as you don't go too hard. 

Anti Slip Pliers

This tip was from Michael ... using chapstick to reduce friction. I know that not everyone has wax handy, but many people will have chapstick handy and it's a great way to reduce friction and get the job done!

Wax on saw blades

Scott's idea about using tape on the clear covers for pull saws is a good one, sometimes when I can't find the one I just used if finally notice it on the floor, which is why I couldn't see it ... great idea to make these stand out by putting a bright color tape on them. BTW, I am trying out this automotive yellow tape, so far I am liking it but will let you know as time goes on ...

Pull Saws

Here's yet another tip from Terry in Auz ... a dowel push stick with a rubber foot on it doesn't sound all that exciting, but in fact, it works well, much better than pretty much any other long push stick of the same type that I have used and great for getting small item out from my blade guard and away from the blade ... SAFELY ... thank Terry. 

table saw push sticks
Here's a tip from my buddy Jack, he used a cut-off from a tongue and groove board, but you can easily make the same thing on the router or table saw, by cutting a tongue and matching groove, then when you out the boards together, they don't move around ... instead, they slide back and forth and when you sharpen the ends, you get a super accurate inside measurement ... great idea Jack, thanks.

Colin Tips Two6 169

Another friend of mine Rob, when I was in his shop some time ago I noticed the holder he had made for his turning tools, simple, easy, and inexpensive but a great way to put your tools away safely where they are in easy handy reach ... and they don't collect dust or get dull crashing into one another  ... thanks for the idea Rob 

Wood turning chisel storage

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