This video and article are a collection of tips and tricks video clips that I recorded throughout the year of 2019, but that did not make it into their designated time slot because there were already other video clips and adding one "Tip" makes the video to long ... and so, here they are in no particular order, but still some great ideas from Subscribers and Viewers.

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I have always had Dental Floss in the workshop. I find it useful for a variety of things including what it was used for in this video ...

I prefer the wider version because it is stronger, and "Cool Mint" seems to be my preferred flavor. Infrequently use it in dry fits where a snug fit is ideal but it's hard to get the piece back out either for gluing or more fitting. I have also used it for tying things up or things together temporarily so they don't get lost of misplaced ... and hey, if you are waiting for glue to harden up you can always floss your teeth ... 

Allen Wrench grip and storage ... was sent in from Jim and Columbia, and any of you who have a chop or miter saw will know that many of these saws are shipped now with Allen wrenches to remove bolts that are securing the blades to the machine. The Allen wrenches are a nice choice, easy to store on the machine (if you can remember where the manufacturer hid them) standard size and easy to use ... well usually, until you find the bolt has tightened on the shaft over time and the little Allen wrench is now hard to use. The solution is to make yourself an easy-to-make wooden grip out of some scrap wood. You can use it as a temporary solution of glue it place or even tape it in place but either way, it works great and is a quick solution. 
And if you want to store this tool with its new handle you will need to make some other arrangement, like the Pencil Holders that Ernie sent me ... self-sticking handy, handy items ... that can stick on your saw and will now hold your Allen wrench.

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Making holes for adjustable shelf pins is easy if you have some pegboard around because it will already have the layout done for you and you can choose what works best. James from Florida suggests using the metal version of this building product, it's only 20 gauge, so not very thick, but will still hold up better than the particleboard version I have used in the past. 
Depending on the size of the hole you need, the drill bit will always wear away the sides of the holes no matter what material you are using, so one trick to try here is to use a Vix Bit or Self Centering bit to drill the holes, this way the drill bit never touches the pegboard material and you have a much better chance of not having your holes out of alignment because the holes you repeatedly drilled in became bigger with each drilling.

Vix Bit or Self Centering bit

Here's an example of Vix Bits available through Amazon

Many of us use pocket hole jigs for a variety of uses and one of the handiest modification jigs I have seen for this is one submitted by Michael from near Vancouver. His jig is based on the single hole jig and he has adapted a holder that holds the jig and the wood you are drilling pocket holes into very firmly so you will get good quality holes, then the wood is easy to move around for more holes or changing the wood in. This was a great idea that's easy to make and use. 

pocket hole jig

This is the version of the Kreg Jig used in the video and available from Amazon

And lastly ... as I mentioned a short time ago ...

Yes, I will be visiting the Kansas City Woodworking Show, January 17, 18 & 19 - 2020. at the KCI Expo Center, 11728 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64153
I am planning to attend in the afternoon of the 17 and 18 but probably on the 19th. Details of the show are here -

Since I am going to be in the area ahead of time, I have agreed to give a talk at the Lee's Summit Woodworkers Guild on January the 14th. Lees Summit is about 30 minutes southeast of Kansas City. All the details on the location, times, etc will be updated in the link shortly. Guests are welcome and if you are going to be in the area on that date, drop into the guild meeting and meet some of their friendly and talented members. 

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