This episode is themed around woodworking drilling, whether you use a drill press or corded or cordless drills, there are a variety of tips and techniques, some of which I have used for so many years I have forgotten that they are even tips any more because I just use them so often ... 

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... and one of the most important items for me in the workshop is drill bit storage because I use my drill press and cordless drills so often, I want to make sure the bits are easy to identify and easy to access ... 

 Some time ago I picked up a couple of these little plastic drill bit holders from a local woodworking store. I liked them because the drill bit sizes are easy to read and the store a good variety oF sizes, but there are many, many of similar versions on the market and the metal ones are definitely better and longer lasting 

Drill bit holder

drill bit stand

I even have an older version of this drill bit holder that I use for drill through wooden balls that I use for feet on wooden boxes. I can't hold the balls with my fingers because of they often spin, but I can hold them with pliers that have been wrapped with a Powerflex grip tape that I purchase at my local sporting good store. It's expensive but it's re-usable so it lasts me a long, long time. 

Drilling Wool Balls

grip tape

When it comes to drilling, I learned the hard way, with cracked wood and wrong size holes, that selecting the right size bit usually saves me time in the end and so I have been using this little metal drill bit sizing gauge for well over 25 years, and I'm sure I use it almost every day, not only for drill bits but for dowels and other similar tools and parts. 

Screw Sizing

Location of any drill's key is important and there a variety of ways and places to store them. What has been very popular are the retractable key chain holders ... and yes I tried that, but I found for my drill the chain kept getting caught up in my drill press and what I was drilling so what I finally settled on was a magnet which I have been using for 10 years now, but that's only what works for me ... others will have good luck with different systems.


One of the tricks I have been using for so long, I can't remember, is using drill bits for measuring. I have used them to measure the distance between the table saw blade and fence, the height of table saw blade, dividing wood, finding center points, combining distances, setting router bit height ... and the list goes on and on.
Don't forget your drill bits for a measuring tool ... a great, accurate and quick way of measuring. 

Drill bi sizing

As many of you already know, Ernie sent me some little rubber pencil holders a few months ago, and I can't imagine a more versatile woodworking accessory. They have a peel-off this sticky back so you can attach them to almost anything .. but recently I used one and put some magnets on the back so that I can move it from tool to tool. Think about all the workshop things you could use these pencil holders for ... a drill bit for a special job, a screw driver, driver bits, Allen wrenches ... this list goes on and on, this is super handy little accessory ...

Drill chuck holder


There's some of the accessories and tips and tricks that I use around the shop ... may you will find even more uses for them ..

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 Workshop Hacks Episode 12 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks