So many great ideas for so many people ... thanks to everyone who sends me their ideas, tips and trick and woodworking hacks, I always learn something and pass along your ideas so we can all learn these new ideas together ...

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I love how varied these ideas are too, they cover a wide variety of woodworking areas so there is something for all of us somewhere ...

 Paul in Ottawa has some great ideas and here's one I will definitely use myself because I am often using epoxy glue, but usually I just need a small amount ... and Paul suggests, just use a disposable plastic spoon to mix it in. When you are done, you can wipe out the glue and re-use the spoon, or toss it out if it's not re-usable. Either way, a great idea to get more mileage from used, disposable spoons. 

epoxy mixer

Michael suggests using spray paint to help mark drill bits that are being used for concrete and brickwork to help identify depths. In the past I have used magic markers and even tape, none of which have worked that great, especially when boring into to brick or concrete, everything seems to wear off more quickly so I will try the spray paint idea ... thanks, Michael, great idea. 

Drill bit depth

Richard is using an old bicycle wheel he has mounted above his workbench and held in place with an anchor bolt so that the wheel will even spin, that way he can use it for holding is various C-clamps, spring clamps and even quick release clamps - all above his workbench where they are always in reach but out of the way when not needed. Great idea Richard, I like it. 

Woodworking clamp storage

Jack is giving us the idea of using Machinist Blocks as measuring units throughout the workshop. I like them because they are always extremely accurate, and they quick and easy to use for measuring. Jack suggests something like the 1-2-3 block which is 1" x 2" x 3" and in many cases they come in pairs so if your fence is not so accurate you could use a couple of these on either side of your table saw blade to align your fence to, but you could also use these on a chop saw or sliding mitre, drill press, band saw and any other tools that you are constantly needing measurements for. Great idea Jack, I may need to pick a pair of these things up ...

1-2-3 Blocks

machinist block
Machinist Block

measuring bars 
Measuring Bars

Don't forget ... if you have an idea, send me an email and maybe even a picture of your idea and if I haven't used it already I will try to add it to a future episode.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

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