To measure just how useful cordless drills are, I don't know about your workbench but on mine, I almost always have both my drill and my driver on the same bench at the same time ... they don't even have a permanent home ... they just sit on my workbench.

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It's amazing all the attachments and functionality that can be achieved from them on cordless drills and drivers including ..

 Vix Bit (center finding bits)
Not sure where this name came from but I often refer to is as a center finding bit so everyone knows what it is, but these bits are priceless for anyone who is attaching hinges and similar metal attachments. The bits center on the pre-drilled holes, then make a clear, center hole for screws so that the hinge plates line up perfectly every time. These come in a variety of size here is a smaller set from the Amazon Store.

Socket Sets
One of the quickest ways of getting nuts and bolts undone is to use a drill or drill driver, but sometimes you need to look around for the correct adapter that will allow the 2 components to work together. Once you do that, you now have a quick efficient way of getting those nuts and bolts and hex screws in and out in a jiffy.

Cordless drill impact socket

Dimpling Bit
These are common for anyone who has ever done any Gyroc, sheetrock or drywalling. Drywall Dimplers are inexpensive and easy to use. There are a variety of different types of these bits and the one I have is an older, very simple and inexpensive bit, but it works great for installing sheetrock with drywall screws, and dimpling the screws so that the drywall mud can be applied over the screw heads, then sanded flat, and these little adapters save having to go out an purchase a somewhat expensive dedicated dimpling driver. 

Dimpling Bit

Circular Rasps and Grinding Stones
Enlarging holes with drill bits can be slow and ineffective and the same can be said whey you are working with bits of metal, which we often are in woodworking. Getting the right bit for the job makes the work quick and easy like using either a circular rasp, or a small grinding wheel. Both of these kinds of grinding bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and for most of us, they will last a lifetime because they are often not using that much, making them a pretty good investment in time.

Circular Rasps

Adapters and Extensions
I have a couple of sockets sets both metric and imperial and the best way of attaching nuts and bold\ts is with a cordless driver, so I went out and found an adapter so I can use all my sockets with my drill driver. If I really need to tighten bolts down, or if they are really stuck on I can still use the ratchet, but for most things I do, the cordless driver works wonders.

Drill Adapters and Extensions

And I have a number of extensions I can use, a flex extension (old style) and even a couple of magnetized sockets which are great for installing things like sheet metal or ripple-fiberglass roofing. The screws stay firmly in the socket, drive in clean that break away nicely when the screw is driven in.

Pencil Holders
These would seem to have nothing in common with drill bits, but in fact, they do, because you can use them to hold drill bit drivers and even other bits that may fit the size.
My buddy Ernie sent me a couple of packages of these handy little items for use in my workshop as I  could not find them in any of my local stores, but now that I see what they look like, they are available on the Amazon Store.

Thanks, Ernie ... these are really handy little items and I can already see a few different uses for them

There are even more drill bit accessories, but these are what seem to be the most used according to those who sell them, and they often come in a variety of prices, sizes, colors, and features, so next time you need some special work done, think about your cordless drill, may there is something that can be added to it to help in your task.

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5 Essential Cordless Drill Attachments for Productivity