Sometimes it's a good thing that I never seem to throw anything away, other times ... well. But for now, salvaging an old plastic spring clamp that didn't work as a clamp anymore and re-purpose it to make it into a hose clamp for my dust collection system that works like a speed clamp now and makes moving 4-inch hoses from one machine to another a quick and easy task.

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 I did take a small bit of ingenuity to take specialty dust collection hose clamp and adapt it to a spring clamp ... a broken spring clamp, but the finished product works like a charm ...

Spring Clamp Hose Clamp to a Speed Clamp
Spring Clamp Hose Clamp to a Speed Clamp
Keeping Woodworking Simple

Not much need to say more... 

Screw Clamps
These "old school" type wooden clamps have been around forever and even though they are not as popular as they once were, they still have tons of uses in and adaptions in the workshop. Like adding extensions to them to give them a longer reach, and because they are so sturdy, they work very well in this new role.

Screw Clamps Externsion

And if you need another hand, like someone to hold a board or two up while you do some work, take measurements, finish, paint or coat ... the screw clamp is happy to take on this role. woodworking clamp

Bar Clamp Stand Modification
When it comes to glue-ups, I am still using the old style round bar type clamps. They work just fine and sure it would be nice to have some new fancy ones, but these work fine for me and especially now that I have adapted my holder to be even more effective.

Bar Clamp Stand

I have hated the way bar clamps always seem to roll over on their side just when you are trying to use them, so I made a wooden rack to hold them upright. The second version uses "V" groves, that I hoped would help prevent this rolling over tendency ... and it does, but not entirely. 
To solve the problem once and for all, I decided to add anti-skid material to the inside of each V groove. I only needed to staple the material in and besides, glue does not hold it well for long. The updated version works perfectly. The clamps can move if I need them to, but otherwise, they stack nicely in the V grooves and makes gluing easier and less frustrating with clamps the roll over all the time during use ... 

Speedy Clamping
Speed clamp

And to Joe B. who sent me an idea of installing screw in the bottom of wooden handles of clamps .. yup, this works great and is especially useful on my modified C-clamps with the wood round knob ... now I can quickly re-set them for use ... thanks, Joe.

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