Magswitches seem to have an endless number of jigs that can be adapted to them or made with them. In my shop, they have become an invaluable tool for a variety of jigs that save me a lot of time and since I work alone, they are like another pair of hands in many cases.

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This tip was sent to me from John, who has figured out a way to use Magswitches in conjunction with a carpenter's square on the top of his table saw to create a large, perfectly "right angle" assembly station that can be set up and taken down in seconds.
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The 2 things a table saw is noted for is having a nice straight fence, and secondly,  a nice flat surface to work on and John has capitalized on both of those by using a carpenters square butted up against the table saw fence, then fastened in place using a couple of Magswitches. I was amazed at how quickly this can be set up and how accurate it is. When you turn the Magswitches on, the magnets also fasten themselves to the square making it a strong solution for making a nice square assembly station and if you lift the square up off the table saw deck slightly, I used some small 3/8" plywood scraps of wood, you end up with a slightly higher fence that is great for larger items too ... great idea, thanks, John. 

 Magswitches For tablesaws

Using magnets to help hold a plastic catch bag on the bottom of your dust collector is like having a third hand and makes an otherwise awkward chore, quick and easy ... 

 Magswitches for your dust bag

Using a Magswitch as a table saw fence "stop" works great if you happen to have a steel guide rail ... sadly mine is aluminum so I need to use something else but for most people who have steel rails, the Magswitch is a quick way of setting a stop or using it as a stop block. 

Magswitch table saw guide
What might be an even more important chore for Magswitches is using them to stop the "flex" that can happen in some of the more basic table saw fences. With many of the more economical table saw fences, the part that often locks well is the front of the fence, but toward the back of the fence, can be a bit more problematic that when you are pushing wood through the saw, the back of the fence can often "flex" a bit making uneven cuts. A quick fix for this is to set up a stop block against the back of the fence to stop it from flexing. This takes seconds to do and can save your cuts and even reduce chances of injury that can happen when a fence can flex too much...  

Magswitch jig for the tablesaw fence

And along the same idea as holding the back of the fence, is holding the whole fence even more securely, which might be very useful when you are cutting larger and heavier pieces of wood. Again some of the more basic table saw fences don't always have the holding power for larger and heavier pieces of wood but using any of the variety of toggle clamps in conjunction with Magswitches and you can have yourself an instant, strong support for your fence. 

Magswitch jig for the squaring tablesaw fence

Recently Announced - Magswitch Drill Press Auxiliary Fence
Magswitch has announced a new fence, perfect for drill presses. It comes in 2 sizes and I was able to get the smaller version for my drill press. I use 2, attached Magswitches on the back, which can be re-positioned to fit on most drill press tables. When attached, the fence is perfectly vertical so anyone who is drilling mortise holes will find it a perfect auxiliary jig. I also come with a third Magswitch block that serves as a hold down for a replaceable wood base and doubles as a stop block for either side of the fence. The stop block allows for quick repositioning of a base and for setting up items for drilling. The whole fence is easily moveable and can be repositioned on your drill press table in seconds.   

Magswitch drill press jig

The NEW FENCE is currently in production, with delivery slated to be toward the end of April 2021.
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