Cutting small pieces on any power tool can be dangerous so we always try to think of ways to be safer while still maintaining the quality of cut we need. As we all know, table saws are notorious for kicking back wood and especially smaller pieces that are hard to hold on to make these risks higher and more crucial to address.

The jig outlined in this article addresses the kick back and other risks, but remember, working safely is always paramount. If you do NOT feel comfortable using any power tool for any type of cut, do NOT do it. There are hand tools and other ways of making cuts that may be slower for you, but they allow you the confidence of being in control of your work and your tools.  Remember,  you are always responsible for your own safety and well being and for making the right choices and decisions.
For this jig all that is requite is a T-nut and matching bolt and another nut that will be used as a locking mechanism for the bolt. You will also need a piece of hardwood that is at least 2 inches wide and at least 6 inches long. You will also need something called a "Mag Switch".


Mag Switches come in a variety of sizes and types and because of their Patent, they are the only thing on the  market that I know of that can do these kinds of jobs. They are quite widely available and links are provided here to see the different sizes ...

For this jig I used for this jig is called the MagJig 150. There is also a somewhat smaller and less expensive version called the MagJig 95.  For the few dollars more you will find the more powerful "150" version more versatile magnet.

magjig 95

MagJig 95

magjig 150

MagJig 150

Another point I discovered is that it appears that some of these units are not allowed to be shipped cross border. I do not know why this is, probably to protect Mag Switch Dealers in each country so for example, if you live in Canada and find a dealer in the USA, there is a good chance they will not ship these switches to you, you would have to find a dealer in Canada ... but if you go to the Mag Switch website they provide a list of countries and associated dealers.

The nice thing about these units is that they can be used for multiple kinds of jigs and other uses and I love things that can be used in many different ways, and they do help make woodworking

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