Not everyone has the gift of "vision". It is one of those attributes that comes from true artistry and there have been many in the past who had ideas and visions of what they wanted to accomplish and some have become well know names like Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Henry Greene, Gustav Stickely, Thomas Molesworth, George Nakashima, Harvey Ellis and many many more.

Today, we have even more exceptional woodworkers with a flare for new and innovative ideas and once in a while we get a chance to see some of their creations and modifications all in one place. Such was the that at the recent One Tree Exhibit hosted by the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and in association with Live Edge Design.  Robert Bateman of course is know world wide for is exceptional paintings, so who better to show of the works of fellow artist woodworkers.

The whole concept of the One Tree Exhibit was based on the concept that all the artists would use the one from the same tree. In this case, a big old Broadleaf Maple that had died some time ago which left portions of it spalted, some figured ... 

Woodworking artists who wanted to participate in this event paid a specific entry fee, then were allowed to purchase what wood they wanted from the tree. Some chose wood from the outer sides of the tree, some from the middle, some spalted or figured and some normal wood and all of it was fashioned into the vision of what these artists and woodworkers planned.

Dining Room Suite by John Lore

 43 Artisans worked over 4,000 hours to produce 3 Road Shows of work valued at $100,000 ... and they are:

Ken Guenter – Tiered Table
Solar Bud – Solar Pyro Graph
Robert Anderson – Violin
Luke Harte-Weller – Side Table
Robin Shackelton – Drum
Wyatt Wilkie – Mandolin
Mike Randall – Curving Bow Lamp
James McQuade – Rocking Chair
Paul Tellier – Offset Bench
Karen Trickett – Display Cabinet
Cam Russel – Wall Panels
Christian Dokk Smith – Boy and Tree Sculpture
Emily Ellis – Console Unit
David Martinello – Inuskshuk Scupture
McLean Mill - Swing Sculpture
Joe Gelinas, Sandra Carr & Cathi Jefferson – Treehouse Cabinet
Eugene Lochland – Large Organic Turning
Todd McAneeley – Mirror
Larry Martell – Herons
Susan Jean Whyte – Jewelery
Rommy Verlaan & Zak Stolk – Flutes
Steve Neil – Whiskey Cabinet
Arnim Rodeck – Door
Merlayna Snyder – Freeform
Rick Henson – Spoons
Reuben Forsland – Raven Guitar
Jon Braden – Japanese Cabinet
Neil Bosdet – Rolling Bin & Pizza Cutter
Alice Young – Calligrapher
Ken Broadland – Burl Bowl
Stephane Dimopoulos – Dining Chair
Joe Young – Electric Guitar
Wayne Muma – Bench
John Lore – Dining Suite
Randy Mugford – East Coast Concrete Bench
Sahrah Brown – Heart Scupture
Doug Ives – Side Table
Steve Feltham – Painting
Ian McKenzie – Traditional Bucket
John Bateman – Curio Box
Scott Gillies – Whale & Kayak Sculpture
Philip Cottell – Turned Trees

 Some amazing work by some very talented woodworkers

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