From time to time there are people who come along with such innovative ideas that without even trying, they have the ability to change industries. Maybe not wholesale changes, but subtle changes. Some of those people are of course, George Nakashima, Sam Maloof, Gustav Stickley, the Greene brothers, and Thomas Molesworth to name only a few. These people had different ideas and designs that people liked, were somewhat different that what woodworkers were doing, and for various reasons they influenced the industry to a degree.
I believe the same can be said about Judson Beaumont. As woodworkers, we think of him as a woodworker, but like other famous woodworkers, he's really and an artist working in wood because he has a vision for creating things that are unique and appealing.

I had the pleasure of visiting his workshop some time ago and to see how the production is done and to get some insights into how the creative process works with him. I had the pleasure of seeing him speak ...
 *** Editors Note: Judson Beaumont passed away February 20, 2021, this article remains active to recognize this special woodworking friend and mentor 

... at a couple of events recently and was in awe of how he could mesmerize an audience with the stories of how some of the pieces he makes came into being. At one woodworkers event, Judson spoke for almost 2 full hours and showed all sorts of pictures of his work, explained how they came about and some of the processes use in making them.

Judson Beaumont

Pet Camper

Judson's work is widely sought after world wide from Japan to Saudi Arabia by people who appreciate his unique talents and want to own for themselves a piece of his woodworking art.

Hollow Bench

Judson is never very far from his latest sketch book, probably something we could all take a lesson on using. How many times have you been somewhere or doing something when you get an idea but don't have anywhere to write it down or sketch it out. Many artist carry sketch books with them at all time, Andy Wharhol for example use them to great advantage and you can even find pictures from them online if you need further inspiration.

Wooden Rocks Cabinet


Crash Table



If you are looking for more information on Judson Beaumont you will be able to find it on his website,

Thank you Judson, for allowing me into your workshop and for taking the time to allow video and photography that we can share with others that they too can be inspired by your creativity and unique ideas.

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