In This article and the associated video we finally get to finish our little three legged - Pedestal Table. We have taken three videos and associated articles to arrive at this point, but it has all been worth it. We got to try a variety of specialty techniques like creating a round table top by using the circle jig that David Cooksey provided plans for. We showed how to make sliding dovetails which we used for the legs of the table and we showed how to create a 6 sided, or hexagon shaped column that we then turned on our lathe. Then of course we assembled the the table and finally finished it with Osmo, one of our favorite finishing products.
In this article we will only touch on the aspects we went through in the video primarily because we feel the video is self explanatory.

This was a great little project and the end results are well worth the effort. Nothing was terribly difficult but you will need to take your time to make sure all aspects turn out to your expectations.