THE most important part of a table saw is the blade. You can get great saw cuts on a mediocre table saw that has an excellent blade, on the other hand, a really good table saw with a crappy blade will give you just that ... crappy cuts. If you are going to spend some good money on something in the workshop table saw blades is the place to do it. There is a place for poor blades, they can be used if you are cutting up wood for the wood stove, or maybe even making a fence, or hacking up shipping pallets, but if you are a woodworker, and you want good cuts you need to have good blades.

In this video we show 4 of the most popular saw blades for woodworkers and describe their uses and what makes them unique. With the information presented in this video you will be able to make wise choices in selecting table saw blades that will do the job you need.


You can't always rely on price to purchase good quality blades, but in most cases you can. There are some anxious retailers who either don't know how to price table saw blades, or they are perhaps a bit aggressive in their profit margins when pricing their wares. It is up to you, the woodworker to know what you need, and how to select better quality blades.


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