Wood Table

  • From time to time we find ourselves in situations where we need to make a kind of production run .. that is, we need to make a number of identical pieces that are composed of identical parts, much the same as a small factory. To accomplish this we often have jigs that make duplication quick, easy and accurate, and we can also set up our machinery with what are called "stops" so that cutting wood on things like table saws or chop saws can be done repetitively  with accurate results. In this video, that is exactly what I am doing,  a small production run of a lantern that will be assembled and set up in another video, attached to this article.

    These videos were created to make some small wooden lanterns that were designed to help commemorate Canada's 150th Birthday for July 1, 2017. Some of the articles shown in the video were kindly sent to us from the nice folks at  Canadian Tire,like the #redandwhiteLED lights, the Canadian Flag and the commemorative T-shirt to help us all celebrate and regonize this time... Happy Birthday Canada !!

    Watch this and other similar videos on YouTube - https://youtu.be/nzvZnv6WwrA

    To start off with, we need wood to work with so using machine stops to get idential pieces of wood is a great start.Once we have some identical pieces of wood, we can start making and using jigs to get repiicated cuts that can be assebled in kind of productin line system.

    The video is self explanitory but make sure you check in next time to see how this all comes together...

    Assembly and Set-Up...
    Once all the parts are made, the next step is putting them together, finishing them and setting them up.

    Watch this and other similar videos on YouTube - https://youtu.be/xX36FlErKCc

    This was a fun project and it's always nice when you can come away from builds like this with a nice, funtional item that others can see and appreciate.


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