This video could also have been named "Colin's List of Favorite Tools" because all the tools I show here are tools that I love to use, not that there are not lots of others, but for tools that fall in the "gift" category, this was the most likely bunch of candidates.

So let me start of with the least expensive and easily the most used tool in my work shop, the lowly tape measure. As you can see in the video I have a box full of tape measures but the only one I ever use is the LEFT hand tapes that I got from Lee Valley. They are small, easy to read and inexpensive at around $6.00 As you can see on the video, for all of us right-handers, having a tape that we can read the number the right way up when we hold a pencil in our left hand, to me ... is very important. I still make mistakes in measuring but I can honestly say they are MUCH fewer now that I don't have to try and read numbers up-side-down. This is a no-brainer for me.


The next 2 items are also available at Lee Valley, the first is a steel engineers square. I use this nearly as much as the tape measures. I also have one of the fancy (expensive) wood and steel squares, but I discovered that depending on the moisture level - it's not always accurate, because of the small amount of wood movement. I want a square the is accurate ALL THE TIME and these engineers ...

 ... squares are, they vary in price depending on size but for around $20 you can get excellent quality. Which leads me to the last item, the protractor or angle finder. This item, for only $25. or so, is a great little tool. I will admit, there are others that could be a bit more accurate on the readouts, but I don't care because I seldom use the readouts. I always - lock the angle with the lock on the tool, then set up the machine according to the angle. And, with this one, I can save battery drain as you can see, not that the batteries are expensive, but when the battery dies, I don't want to be running out frequently to replace it.

Putting a finish on wood projects, for many woodworkers, is often something they struggle with for a variety of reasons. To help make this process less frustrating, the Versapsin 360 and the painting pyramids are welcome additions to the workshop. Easy to use, inexpensive, and a whole list of uses other than just finishing. I have 2 sizes and use them both ... They are widely available but you can check them out here ... Versaspin 360

Next on my list is Tacwise stapler model Z3-140. What can I say about easy to use, easy to load and takes a wide variety of staple sizes .. AND it can even shoot 18 gauge nails, the same one you would use in your 18 gauge air nailer, what a cool tool. And since we are talking about Tacwise, might as well talk about their 18 gauge air nailer, model DGN 50V. This tool as all the features, smooth operation, quick access to nailing canal, flag for "out of staples" notice. Another well thought out tool from Tacwise ... check them out. 

Somewhat out of sequence, but still very important and one of the Freud blades that has slowly won me over as my "Go To Blade" the 10 inch, D1050X Combination blade. I have not been a big fan of combination and general purpose blades, but this one has changed my mind. It does a good job of ripping and a great job of cross cutting. If you hate changing blades in your table saw, this blade will give you very good results with both ripping and crosscutting, and it works great on both plywoods and MDF materials. It is widely available and sell for around $65 ... see more here at Freud Tools.

Even though this is a newly arrived tool in my workshop, I have quickly fallen in love with this doweling jig. I love how accurate and well thought out it is. There are actually 2 versions of this jig, the one I have is called the "Classic" which sells for around $250. but there is also a starter model called the "Junior" which is the same jig, but missing a few of the accessories, which you can add later, or make your own and at only $99 it's a great place to start making very strong, quality joints.  Dowelmax is widely available and you can check out their main website here .... dowelmax.

Next on my list is the Milwaukee 12 volt power tool system. I know that this is only 12 volt and that it may not have the power for tradesmen, carpenters and industrial use, but for woodworking, this set is idea. It's light, easy to use, re-charges batteries in no time and has wide array of different tools that utilize the same battery back. I love this set and it seems when ever I need some other power tool, I look at the Milwaukee lineup and there is the tool I am looking for. Another tool that is available widely, but if you want to check out the details ... go here ... Milwaukee Tools.

Well, that pretty well rounds out Colin's list of favorite gift tools ... I'm sure there will be at least one or two tools in this list that might interest you ... all you need to do now is forward the video or this article to that person and ... hope :)

Copyright - Colin Knecht