Depending on how much you plan on using a jig will determine who much time you want to invest in making it. Some jigs that I use a lot I have put a lot of time into and made them with some built in features that make them easier and more accurate to use. This drill press angle jig is one that I will seldom use, so I want it to be sturdy but I'm not going to invest a ton of time into features to make it more usable. I have a pretty good hunch it will not get a lot of work because the number of times I have had to adjust my existing drill press table in the past 10 years, is about 3 times. Part of the reason for that is because who ever designed this drill press did a super poor job of making the adjustable table anything but easy to adjust ... but never mind, the new angle jig will solve that too.

 drill press jig

I wanted to make the base from good quality 3/4  inch plywood, and wanted the base small enough that it could be used in any position on the drill presses existing steel table, which is where the adjustable base would be clamped to, Another thing I wanted to do was to make the support for the movable jig, to be very strong because some of the holes I am drilling are with holesaws and something that big requires a fair bit of force and I don't want the movable jig to collapse withe pressure of larger bits.

The biggest feature with this jig is the right angle T-square that is used to help align wood that needs to be cut at an angle because in pretty much every case, the wood will need to be positioned on the vertical axis in order to get the effect of cutting holes at an angle. 
All in all this was an easy build and will work well for me for drill angle holes in the future ...

Copyright - Colin Knecht

drill press angle jig