wooden toysLike all forms of crafts, there are variables in how they are done. Take woodworking for example, on one end there are the ultimate creations of beauty, more than just furniture, they are works of art. On the other side of the spectrum are the utilitarian creations. Far from works of art, these objects are often made to serve a simple service.

In the video associated video we are creating simple toys for youngster aged 2 to around 6. The wooden toys are basic shapes that kids will recognize, but lack the detail that would make them works of art. They are quickly made with the main thought to be safe for children to use, but that they are also built small so that small hands can hold and carry them with ease. There is no to coat finish applied which helps to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions and being natural wood they are more anti-bacteria than any coated surface would be, much the same as cutting boards.


There is little in the way of parts that are needed for these with the exception of wheels and wooden axles (the axles are ultimately glued in place). The only other part is the kind of wood you want to use, be they glued together cut-offs from your workshop, or if you do me and go out and hand pick a really nice construction grade 2x4.

All of the toys are made the same basic way as shown in the video. From these basis, it would be easy to modify the vehicle, change them into trucks, change the outside appearance to resemble specific models or even change the wood to different species to change the look. That's the beauty of starting with basic plans you can make it your own by changing and modifying. Such is the case with the 2 different models of car. One with exposed wheels another with fenders like a modern car.

There is even and option to add different colored woods as inlays. For example you could drill a couple of holes in the front of the cars and insert some short Purple Heart dowels, sand them down even with the car body and they will look like headlights.  It's that kind of innovation that can change the look of these toys.

The main purpose of building these toys is to give small children something that they can play with that will help them use their imagination in their play. Simple toys have a way of keeping things basic and letting the kids make up their own play.

These toys are easy to make and will give years of service, young children love simple toys and their is something about them being wood, that draws children to them. There are lots of young families out there that would love to have simple toys for their kids and there are also lots of charitable organizations who would also love to be able give these kinds of toys to some of their needy families.

A great way to use up some of your wood room scraps, and make a child and a family happy at the same time ...


Copyright Colin Knecht