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Freud Doweling Tool Review (discontinued)

OK woodworkers, time to sell off your biscuit jointer, this new tool from Freud will make it almost obsolete. What Freud has done is taken the carcass of their biscuit jointer and made it into a dowel cutting tool. The unit that we tested uses two different drill sizes, we elected to use the size that was in the unit on receipt. On first looking at the tool we see that it has all the same tool adjustments and settings of any top quality biscuit jointer so this tool can be used almost anywhere a biscuit can be used. We were very excited to test this tool as we were looking for a tool that could do what a biscuit jointer could do, but with more accuracy and this is the tool that can do it. Basically it works the same as any biscuit jointer except that instead of cutting a semi round slot in your wood this unit drills two exact holes. The problem I have always had with biscuit jointers, or at least the biscuits that are used with them is they are far from precision when compared with dowels.

Biscuit jointers are used primarily in aid of joining boards together. The whole problem of joining boards together is that they are often mis-aligned with one another, then we go and add glue to the edges and hope they will glue together perfectly even so that there is little or no sanding needed and the boards align beautifully. Sadly this never happens, no matter how hard we work at it because between the slots cut by the biscuit jointers and fact that the biscuits themselves fit very loosely into the slots, there is lots of room for movement, and once the boards are clamped together they tend to move even more.

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Ridgid Table Saw Review

Here’s a great review of the portable table saw from Ridgid.

Ask the builder takes you through all the features of this saw. It includes some very innovative ideas like:

- A self storing fence
- Expandable table top
- Electric cord storage
- Dust free operation