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Avoid Wet Wood Disasters - Wagner Pin less Moisture Meters

One of the downsides of working with wood is that it has the ability to absorb and release moisture, which means the wood can expand and contract. This can, and does, create major problems with some woodworking projects ... but there are ways to help reduce some of the challenges. The first thing we need to do is work with wood where we know what the moisture content of the wood is to begin with.

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For many woodworking projects, a general rule of thumb is to only use wood with a moisture content around 9 %. This can vary depending on climatic conditions, but it's at least a good starting point. It is not unusual for freshly cut trees to have a moisture content in excess of 35%, so there is a LOT of water in the trees that need to be evaporated out, which in turn makes the wood we work with much more stable. It will still absorb and release moisture, but by the time it gets down to 9% these changes should be much more subtle.

Easy Knife Sharpening and Matching Easy Knife Block

Many woodworkers already know how to sharpen knives, but in many cases, those around us, family members, friends, co-workers are often challenged by knife sharpening, but now, finally ... there is a way we can all have sharp knives. And wouldn't it be nice to have the knife sharpener right beside the knives at all times? An easy build for home or for a gift idea, everyone can use a small footprint knife block.

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I recall as a woodworker being disappointed with the quality of my chisel and plane blade sharpening. Even after I would sharpen them they still didn't work properly. One day I confided in an older, experienced woodworker who told me I was doing everything correctly, except I was not removing the "Burr" ...

Incra MITER 1000SE: Table Saw Miter Gauge Set Up & Review

It seems that every table saw I have ever had, has always come with a functional but very basic miter gauge, and even the last saw I purchased, which was a higher end saw, still came with what I consider to be a pretty useless, basic and hard to use - Mitre Gauge, then one day it fell off my table saw onto the floor and broke the tightening handle, which I fixed with a wing nut and have used for a few months, but now it's time for me to invest in a better miter gauge that will be less frustrating to use, easier to set up and maintain accuracy..

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Endurance Lasers - Giveaway of 10W Laser - Time Sensitive

Endurance Lasers if giving away a 10w Laser ... check out the link for details


1. Endurance have started to deliver laser kits.
Now you can make your own laser for your 3D printer or CNC machine.
2. Get a 30% coupon and free shipment on 8,5 / 10 watt lasers.
Our lasers can cut up to 10 mm of wood, plywood, acrylic, engrave on stainless steel, brass, copper and anodized aluminum. Coupon code "30% off from Endurance".
Valid till 30-th of April 2018.
3. Hooray. Hooray Endurance giveaway!
Do not miss an opportunity to win 10 watt laser from Endurance. Only 1 week left. A winner will be announced on 1-st of May! Apply today. Application will take 30 seconds only!) 

4. Free lasers for educators.

Endurance does donation every quarter and send out about 5-10 free laser modules for educators. Right now we have 10 units of 500 mW diode lasers with 445 nm wavelength that we are ready to donate in Q2 2018. We are willing to send out free 500 mW lasers to colleges, schools, and STEM centers provided they meet our requirements. Apply now!

5. Want to upgrade your 3D printer or CNC machine? Are you looking for an expertise in laser technologies.
Endurance can help you with:

Building and producing laser drivers.
Creation custom lasers with a different wavelength.
Making fiberglass: combining and splitting laser beams.
Complicated optics.
Metalwork for laser machines
Making advanced measurements.

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