OK, Now that you know how to cut picture frame material and make the angle cuts, now you need to put it all together. Gluing up smaller picture frames can be done with something a simple as black electrical tape wrapped around the picture frame after glue-up. The pressure of the tape will keep the corners together long enough to allow the frame to become rigid. Larger picture frames are another story ... the black electrical tape trick doesn't work so well.

In this case it is better to have some sort of a picture framing glue-up jig. The one shown in the video can be made quite easily, the plans are easy to find on the Internet and it doesn't take long to put it together. As usual ... there are some tricks. I decided to offset the center block so it makes it easier to use, AND I added wing-nuts to the ready bar so that the whole jig can be tightened up around the frame quickly and easily ... you don't want to fussing around too much glues like Titebond lll, it will start harding up on you (especially in warm weather) in minutes.



There is one thing you should keep in mind, if you are planning on staining your wooden frames, the staining shoulld be done BEFORE the glue-up. The reason for this is that ofen glue will squeeze out of the joints and onto the face of the frames. No matter what you do there always seems to be a bit of glue on the face of the frames. When this glue dries it is often hard to to see as it is translucent and a will not allow stains to penetrate the wood. This means you get nicely stained frames with blotches of natural wood showing through at some corners.

If you are painting the frames, it doesn't matter if a bit of glues gets on to the face of the frames.

Other than that .. it's all good, give it a try and you will be making excellent picture frames for cheap in no time!!!

copyright - Colin Knecht