Now that you know how to make picture frames, wouldn't it be nice to be able to make your own picture frame material ... simply and easily ... on your own table saw?
The process of making picture frame material, also called molding can be as complex as you want to make it ... or you can make it simple. The molding I like to make are simple and when viewed in a cross section look like and "L" shape. They are easy to put together and look great.

I also ad splines in all for corners to add strength and an extra detail to the frames. I try to choose a contrasting wood so that the splines stand out somewhat from the frame molding.

... ...

It's important to remember that the face sides of your picture frame metial will need to be almost finished before you peform your final cuts. There is no easy way to run "L" shaped material through a planer and even funning it through a jointer will be tricky. All that should need to be done after the final cuts is to sand the face sides and begin the final 45 degree cuts as shown in the assembly  video.

There are a few things to know about selecting wood for picture frames. Although hardwoods work best, softwoods can be suitable for smaller picture frames. If the frame is quite large you may also want to help secure the corners in some way. In the past used different methods to help secure the corners and have found the best (and most attractive) is to cut a channel in the corner and insert wood into them, a bit like using biscuits.

copyright - Colin Knecht