The Ridgid TS2410LS  is sound looking contractor style table saw. Although as woodworkers, don't give tool "looks" a lot of credibility, still if a tool looks sturdy it makes one want to at least try it out, which we did. Overall the saw appeared well manufactured with quality materials and nicely finished components, the first signs that you may be dealing with a quality item. At first blush, the saw seemed to have all controls easily available for the operator and everything ran smoothly. Click below to read more about what we found using this saw ...

The saw is equipped with a solid table, this is good for sturdiness. The one thing we really liked was the built-in "TSUV™ Table Saw Utility Vehicle" folding base. The base has special bracket that lets you quickly turn the saw's base into a hand trolley of sort. This makes the saw easy to move and solid to work with, a REAL bonus for so many woodworkers who have limited space and need mobility bases. The hand trolley not only lets you move the saw around, but also has room to carry wood and other items at the bottom ... saves making two trips. Many other mobile bases are unstable, use only tiny wheels, or use locking wheels, all in all my experience with this is not great, mostly because few are really solid once they are supposed to be ready for use; a real safety hazard.

Ridgid Tablesaw TS2410LS

The controls on the Ridgid were smooth and easy to use, but one would expect smooth on a new tool. One of the most important purposes of a table saw is ripping wood, and having a good rip fence is a must. We found the rip fence on the ridgid OK, not fabulous, just OK. This is not a bad thing for a contractors saw. There is a micro adjustment, which is also OK. Moving the fence back and forth was nice and smooth and when it was locked in place it was solid! We found the fence was not too hard to adjust as it was slightly out of alignment from the factory. The other thing we liked about the rip fence and the saw: a very decent extension, like 26 inches to the right of the blade and 12 to the left of the blade.

The next thing we looked for was the alignment of the blade to the mitre slots. Most woodworkers don't realize that the under carriage of the blade is adjustable and should be adjusted so that the blades are perfectly aligned with the mitre slots. This is where perfectly, non-binding ripped wood comes from. To our delight, there was NO adjustments needed to the trunion assembly, it was off slightly, but was well within the tolerances of working with wood.

The next thing was to try some ripping and crosscutting. To be honest, there is little value in testing a tablesaw unless you use a "known table saw blade". The blade that comes with the Ridgid looked OK, but we opted to use our tried-and-true Freud "Glueline Rip, 60 tooth crosscut and combination blades because we know what they produce. After installing the Freud Glueline rip and turning on the saw, we were very impressed with the smooth, very low vibration and overall "tightness" of the saw. Part of this we deemed was the extra attention Ridgid paid to the pulley and special multi-band belt that connects the motor to the saw blade. An excellent choice for smooth operation.

The first wood we ran through the saw was three quarter inch red oak. The saw, with it's 15 Amp motor ate breezed through it no problem. We decided to try some two inch beech just to see what that would do, and this was getting to be a bit much for this saw's horsepower, although it made it through with a bit of reluctance , but then we knew this was pushing this saw beyond it's purposes. We went on to try the crosscut and combination blades with a variety of woods and found the saw a real joy to use.

If we have any fault with the saw , or really with the accessories, like most saws in this category the mitre gauges are only OK. If you want or need good cross cutting with your table saw a sled or one of the aftermarket mitre gauges would be a good choice.

All in all we really liked this saw, it was smooth, easy to use and very nice for anyone with a smaller work space. If you really want a quality saw this would be a good choice and one day if you have a few extra buck, purchase a bit beefier motor and this saw will be lifetime keeper.

Copyright - Colin Knecht 


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